Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here is a nice photo of my Wyandotte chickens. I got them as "day-olds" from McMurray hatchery last March. Ten extra cockerels went into the freezer, I kept the most handsome cockerel along with seven hens.
I broke down the sheep breeding groups last Monday. We have Malcolm back from his adventure "making babies" in Indiana. He looks better now than when Carol picked him up! She took great care of him. We'll be using Malcolm as a back up ram next week, just to make sure all the ewes are settled.
Our chicken coop is slowly sinking in all the mud! I'll have to get concrete blocks underneath it before the chooks start complaining...
I also added a winter photo of Octavian. I think I have seven ewes exposed to him, all possible poll carriers. Hopefully we'll have the pitter patter of little gulmoget hooves next year...

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Kathy L. said...

Nice photos, Juliann!

Looks like you have a couple of Golden-laced and Silver-laced there. I used to have a few of those, but bred and showed Speckled Sussex and true Ameraucana (not the Easter Eggers). I still keep about a dozen hens and one bantam Ameraucana rooster named "Slick".
And I'm envious of your sheep. :)'s nice to hear someone else say "chook" other than me. I guess once I picked it up in NZ from the relatives it stuck. I have to remember that not everyone knows what a "chook" is. :)

Merry Christmas!