Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's coooold out today. And grey. But hey, it's January and it's supposed to be cold and grey. The weather hasn't slowed down the chickens. They are busily foraging around the property, scratching through the remnants of the vegetable garden while they can. It'll be off limits next spring. I'm still getting one or two eggs a day from the ratty, molting hens.
I took advantage of the winter down time to try to teach myself to weave. Forget it, there is no way I have the patience for it. Just reading about warping gave me a headache, all those fancy knots made my head spin. So I'm going to try crocheting again, and maybe look into triangle looms at the shows this year. I heard that triangle looms are easier than table looms, and I really want to make shawls, anyway.
I'm going to sell my table loom. I need something "easy and mindless", lol! And fun.
I came across a photo I took at dusk last summer. I like it, hope you do to.

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