Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's here! My roving arrived today from Wooly Knob Fiber Mill! There is still a bit of VM in it that I'll have to tweezer out, but other than that it looks and feels pretty nice. Unfortunately I see some white fibers in the moorit and black. The moorit is a combination of three fleeces, Gallifreys, Netty's, and Josephines. The white is from my two Romyldale ewes, Doris and Phyllis. The black...I can't remember who that is. :( The grey is from my lovely girl Lacey.


Kim Nikolai said...

Hi Juliann,
I thought the same thing with the 7 white fleeces I had them do. But quite a bit of mine has sold and I haven't heard anything negative back. I've spun up one of them and it does take a little prep to remove the VM before spinning but it spun up beautifully. There is a pic of it on my blog.

For the roving I sold I wound it into 4 oz. balls and as I wound it I removed what I could see with out digging into it. It doesn't look any worse than mine did from your pictures. Give it a try!


Juliann said...

Thanks Kim, I will! :)