Saturday, February 03, 2007

Banjo, our cattle dog mix, sleeps in his favorite place. On the couch, with an armrest as a pillow.
We have been invaded by starlings. The nasty, filthy things, in the space of just a few days, have whitewashed the inside of the barn. There is crap everywhere. They clean out the cat food dish, and the feed pans in the chicken coop and goose pen. They have been drinking out of the sheep's troughs and so now they are soiled. I am going to have a terrible clean up job come spring thanks to these unwanted guests. But I can't blame them. 35 below wind chill out there. The wind cuts right through the snowmobile suit I wear to feed, I may as well be wearing a windbreaker. I normally love going out to the barn, but now I have to psych myself up. Once I'm out there with the flock, I'm glad to be there. The sheep are doing just fine in the snow and cold, as are the geese and Wyandottes. The chickens are still laying, although if I don't get out there quick enough, the eggs freeze and crack.
I thought I'd lock the starlings out of the barn, but the big door is frozen open. Maybe I'll buy one of those plastic owls at Farm & Fleet.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

May I just say, as messy as they are, that starlings are unfairly maligned and eat far more bugs in their lifetime than they do other foodstuffs. A wonderful book to check when you want a great read is "Arnie, the Darling Starling."

Juliann said...

Hi Michelle. I know, I shouldn't pick on them, the poor things are hungry like all the rest of the birds are. And if I feed the wrens and cardinals,, I guess I shouldn't complain about feeding the starlings, lol. But oh, all that POOP!