Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My husband called me over today to "look at the white goose" out in the field with the Canadas. I figured somebody's domestic Emdens had escaped.
My binoculars revealed not a white goose, but A SWAN! I have never seen a swan in the wild, so this was quite exciting! He was huge, and had a entirely black bill, so they weren't mutes. The smaller female was slightly grey. According to my bird books, this looks like a Trumpeter swan, although this pair is waaay out of their normal range of Alaska, to upper North American west coast. They must be slumming by visiting this dull, Midwestern cornfield.

I only got a few shots when the pair took flight. What a lovely gift from God!


Kathy L. said...

How wonderful! It really IS incredible to see these in the wild!

Nancy Larsen said...

Bet this Swan was hatched out by a Canadian Goose, and thinks he is a Goose. Strange how these things come about. Love seeing unusal birds and wild life.
Nancy L.