Monday, February 12, 2007

Okay, I feel like an absolute dork! I just switched to the new blogger and found 17 saved comments that I had no idea were there! And all this time I thought no one was visiting my blog, lol! Sorry, everyone, and thank you for the comments!

The starling swarm has moved on, and now we have Canada geese in the neighboring field! I love them and hearing their honking every time I go outside. They really are magnificent, expecially when they all take off at once. We had 24 deer in the same field a few days ago, including a few bucks who were at least 8 pointers.

Tom and my dad did a wonderful job re-doing our mud room! If you are not from the Midwest, you may not know what a mudroom is. :) It is a small room accessing the outside. So when you come in from field or barn with your muddy, poopy boots and outerwear covered in mud and hay, you shed your dirty clothing in the mud room. Our mudroom has received quite a work out over the last decade, so now it has a new floor, fresh paint, new shelves and coat hooks! It looks so nice, now I don't want to put anything dirty in it. Isn't the floor pretty?


Deborah said...

Hi Julianne,
Love your blog AND your new mudroom. I can't believe we built a new house and forgot to put a mudroom in it!

Kathy L. said...

Right now, our whole basement is my mudroom! We have days of rain & snow, then the sun comes out and melts everything into mud. This morning we had 6 inches of new snow and by noon it had compressed down to 2 inches and mud. I go in and out the basement to the sheep and try to keep clean, BUT...

We have had the geese here too...working their way North again, but stopping to rest in the wet areas in the field behind our pasture. They are a sight to behold. Maybe Spring is on its way!