Saturday, March 10, 2007

Every spring, something very tiny brings me great joy. The first sign of spring here is always the tulips starting to awake from their winter sleep. Mid-March, I pay careful attention to the base of the green apple tree, or my flower beds, watching for that first sleepy tulip, stretching out of its bulb. And today was the day. :)

I also saw the first robin of spring and made a wish on her, like I do every spring. I never ask for much, hoping that if it is something easily given by God, I have a better chance of receiving it.


Kathy L. said...

Juliann...My daffodils are trying to come up, but it's way too early here for that. I whisper to them to go back to sleep, but they're not listening. We're supposed to get to 70 this next week! Last week we were freezing. This is crazy!
I'm sure we will have cold weather back again. I keep telling the sheep that I have to wait for their coats to get here to shear or they'll have to blow their own wool off and I'll roo them. :)
And thank you...for reminding all of us to take time to enjoy the little gifts that come our way.

Juliann said...

Our temps are crazy, too. March in the midwest. Warm and sunny one day, freezing again the next!