Friday, March 16, 2007

Shearing Day tomorrow!!!

Everyone is brought into the barn overnight, so they will be nice and dry for tomorrow. The 22 expectant mothers get the run of the barn so they will be in the utmost comfort...

Netty's getting a bag!!! I'll bet she'll be the first to lamb this year, she was last year. She was exposed to Octavian. I have high expectations for this breeding.

Lil'Country Gigi, a nice yearling ewe until she turns around. Her tail...ugh. She'll be going to a pet home this year because of it, but I want to see what she throws first. She is exposed to Pompey.

Gallifrey and Malcolm, already giving each other the fisheye over hay. Of course, they will pretend not to recognize each other after they are sheared, will give them an excuse to wrestle. Gentle Boomer will hide in a corner and watch.

I look forward to shearing every year. I like to see how the ewes are holding their condition, and try to guess who will twin and who will single, based on how wide each ewe is.

I can watch for those bags and see who is getting close.

This is so exciting, the anticipation of lambs is second only to actually lambing! Only a few more weeks to go...


Kim Nikolai said...

Good luck with shearing! I hope all goes well. We won't be shearing until May or June this year but I'm okay with it. We have a new shearer coming who I am quite thrilled to have.

Kathy L. said...

I, too, hope all goes well with shearing.

I meant to let you know that we have not seen one horn cell re-develop on Loretta. How's your ram?

Juliann said...

Everything went great! Got a few suprises on underlying colors, but we all love suprises, don't we?
I'll update with photos of the "skinnies" later, lol! Wow, they all look so much smaller. :)
Kokomo had his scur trimmed yesterday. It was so tight to the head I had to really work to get the wire under. Came off well, no bleeding.