Saturday, March 31, 2007


Green, living things are born. I am comforted, life is unfolding as it should.

Nothing like green grass under a free-range chicken. Our Wyandottes made it through the winter with flying colors. No coddling or heated coop. So good to see green grass!

More green....

The hens are laying again. Nice to have fresh eggs again for breakfast, with plenty to give away to neighbors, friends, & family.

MUD! Can't have spring without mud around the water cooler. I am hoping that the rain continues throughout summer so we can have good pasture, like we did last year. I have extra hay put up, just in case of drought.

I have been tackling the bull thistle with Round Up the last few days. It has been a problem here in our pastures. I hate using chemicals, but I don't think I have a choice sometimes.

For a few years, I tried doing the organic granola way, pulling them up individually. Only to be quickly overwhelmed. I need to get them all sprayed before lambing, when I won't have time to deal with it, and before the grass grows any higher and hides the buggers.

Fruit trees are starting to bud. I need to get them sprayed, too. We had peach leaf curl last year. My poor apple trees had some funky brown spotty leaf thing going on. We came close to losing them.

Also need to prune them.

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