Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whew! What a tiring last few days. We sheared Saturday, all went smoothly. Lots of nice fleeces tucked away, and lots of budding udders on the ladies. Looks like all five rams we used this year are fertile, and did fine jobs settling the ewes. Praise Jesus! I always worry someone will be a "dud stud" (thanks for the cute term, Carol.) So far we have never had a sterile ram.
We caught everyone up tonight for their yearly clostridium/tetanus vaccinations, and de-worming. They will pass some of the medication on to their unborn lambs, giving them a good, healthy start in life.

We are keeping all the sheep locked in the barn for a week or so, to let their nekkid bodies adjust to the outside temperatures. It is really too cold for them to go outside just yet. and we are expecting a thunderstorm tonight. They are warm and cozy, getting plenty of hay and mineral, and some grain to give those growing babies a boost. The lambs do a full half of their growing in the last month of gestatin (out of 5 months total gestation.)

The three skinny yearling rams. Little bitty things without their wool, it will take them several years to fill out. We finally put Ock and Pompey in with the other four rams. They are in a 12 X 12 horse stall so they won't bother the ladies. After their shots, we gave them a fresh mineral block. Ock was so excited he did a flip in the air, and I mean a FULL flip! His hind legs went over his front end and he landed on his back.

Lil'Country Bell Fleur, homegrown spottie. (She's for sale, BTW.) Hopefully bred to Kokomo although she isn't showing yet.

Gallifrey pouts. He tried a few pop shots at the newly introduced yearlings, he got a quick spritz of the hose to the head as punishment. All six rams settled down to their hay suprisingly quickly, and are now all old pals. Malcolm & Boomer are in the background.

Lil'Country Josephine, 2 year old poll carrier ewe, next to a moorit yearling. I was suprised to see that she is turning an unusual cocoa color in her second year.

I took a lot more photos, I'll post more later.

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