Thursday, April 26, 2007

A girl and her tractor...
We finally bit the bullet and bought a real tractor. Mind you, I'm pretty frugal. I don't spend money on something I can do by hand. I think long and hard about everything I buy.
The problem is, I can't do everything physically anymore.
I had surgery on my foot last year, with a screw placed in the arch of my left foot. My shoveling foot. So trying to strip out a 1,000 square foot sheep barn last summer, comprised of drying layers of hay and sheep crap every two weeks, had me frusterated beyond tears. By the end of the day, I was on the couch whimpering in pain, and in agony for days afterward.
I like farm work, but I've accepted I've got my limitations. And I can't have my animals living in filth because I can't physically do the job anymore.
My DH was just waiting for the "green light" to go shopping. After looking at everything used, we decided to get a new tractor, a Deere no less, that has a warranty and should last us the rest of our lives. 0% financing!
We've gone through some tractors in the past, none with buckets. Started with a 1940 Ford that broke down constantly, went through some others that were okay, and we were successful in trading them up eventually.
I should have done this years ago. I can scrape my sheep barn, mow the lawn and pastures, and till my vegetable garden! I moved a bunch of big rocks that last year I'd have been lifting and moving in a wheelbarrow. Scraped up the swamp monster of waste hay that accumulates in the sheep paddock every winter. No more renting Bobcats to do that, I have my own tractor and a big smile!
Almost throught with lambing, waiting on two more girls. I'm trilled with my lamb crop. The Dillon genetics has strengthened those rear ends and tightened up those tails.
Had our first every grey katmoget (badgerface) lamb, quite a suprise! Out of a white ewe, no less. She's staying! ;)


Franna said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Juliann.... I have Tractor Envy!

Kathy L. said...

I shouldn't let my DH see this post, Juliann! He'll use my foot surgery in 2001 (re-break bones and realign in my rt foot w/screws, too) and this post as an excuse to replace our old, worn garden tractor w/attachments! As we're thinking of moving in about 4 years when he retires, I think we'll have enough to move - us, cats, sheep, etc., maybe even some house things. ;-) I have learned not to dangle carrots too far in front lest they be eaten!

Kim Nikolai said...

Congrats Juliann! Looks a lot like our tractor. I agreed to get ours to entice my DH to become more involved in the sheep. It seems to be working and I take every opportunity I can to remind him exactly what it is that provided him his tractor (Baa)! We just picked up a post hole auger and a brush mower for it last weekend. Just in time to fence in our new land. I envy you your tiller, I want one eventually.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Nope, not showing this to my DH, either, because he wouldn't get rid of his old 8/9N Ford (belonged to his dad and granddad) and I hate accumulation and redundancy, and refuse to make payments on anything but a house. A bucket sure would be nice, though....

Juliann said...

Lol girls!
My DH is taking to farm life, loves the toys! If only he loved the sheep as well. He says the're boring. Shetands, boring? Is he nuts or just unobservant, hee hee!
Michelle, the bucket is soo nice! Payments will be painful. Trading one pain for another. Ah, that's life. :)

Bill Stearman said...

Jeesh ... Makes me wish that I HAD a DH!

I am both envious of ... and happy for you my friend ... :-)


Nancy K. said...

How wonderful Jules!! There will be NO stopping you now. (not that there ever was).

Beautiful Kat lamb too!