Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I was definetely caught off guard by our first lamb of the year. Day 146 would be this Saturday, so I thought for sure we wouldn't see any action until next week at the earliest. I got home from work and found that North Wind Netty threw a large black single ram lamb. His name is #70 for now.
Defintely a poll carrier, conformation is excellent. I think Windy Bear will lamb soon, as she was trying to steal the lamb from Netty. She is currently making an ass out of herself, wailing and circling outside Netty's jug.
I went to the Kankakee bird swap last Sunday and bought 3 four month old Australorp pullets. Hoping they will grow into good broodies to hatch some chicks for me.
I sold my geese. I loved them, but they refused to eat grain once the grass came in, and I was afraid they would starve themselves in their pen. I tried free-ranging them, but couldn't stand the dog-turd sized poop all over. So we are back to just sheep and chickens. That's okay, the sheep will keep me very busy for the next month!

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