Friday, April 20, 2007

It's been an exciting and busy few days. Here are a few of the beauties that have been born here in the last few days. I'm very happy with them.
The "black and tan" color pattern is called "gulmoget", and it is pretty rare. These are the first shetlands of this color pattern born in Illinois, thanks to my Sheltering Pines gulmoget ram from Michigan! I think this is only the fourth generation of this pattern being in America, the result of imported semen straws from the UK.
Today, I moved the three Australorp pullets from their hutch to a large section of the chicken run. I don't want them around my other chickens yet, as they are pretty small and I'm sure my obnoxious cock will try to cover them and may injure them.
But the fresh air will do them good, and I want their legs to develop strongly, as they will be large hens when they grow up.
My yearling Wyandotte cock has been taking pot shots at me just recently. Hopefully this will not become a habit with him as I'd hate to have to butcher him. He is a very striking bird, but I'm not going to live watching my back every time I go to the barn. Getting spurred can hurt, expecially when wearing shorts.


Nancy K. said...

what EXQUISITE lambs, Jules!
I think possibly a "chicken Q" could be in order for this summer.....


Take care my friend! I love you

Juliann said...

Hi Nancy!

I love you too, girlfriend!
I am LOVING your lamb crop this year. You are really locking in that HST pattern! Isn't it great to work towards a goal with your flock, and have it happening right before your very eyes? And know that it was YOUR work that did it!
You rock!

Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations on those beautiful flashy lambs Juliann. I want a gulmoget someday!