Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yesterday was just an exhausting day. It seemed that the weather had broken, for a while at least. I took advantage of the warmer temps and let the 5 ewes with their 6 lambs out of the jugs (finally!), and put them into the nursery pasture. Hoping they could stay out there for good now, and I could get the jugs cleaned out and ready for "round 2" of lambing.
Introductions went well. A lot of baaaaing from the dames, and nervous lambs scooting in small circles around their mums. The girls moved out to pasture, the lambs gazed about in wonderment and gave small, exploratory leaps straight up in the air. Then, nervously "high stepping" like tiny horses, they cautiously bumped noses with each other to make friends.
Before long, they were running huge laps, leaping and twisting in the air for joy! The dames ran after them, yelling "get back here!"
After a while, the lambs took rests in the fresh green spring grass, and the ewes settled in to graze.
Meanwhile, I attacked the lambing jugs. Poor Netty had been in hers for 9 days! Then I hear on the radio to expect rain and flurries tonight.....So much for leaving everyone out.
I needed the jugs, I have more lambs due. So I tried putting the ewes and lambs in a horse stall together, bad move. They started trying to KILL each other's lambs! There just wasn't enough space to keep them a respectful distance from each other. Back out they went, DH and I ran to Farm & Fleet to snatch up more cattle panels. The jugs were hastily erected, then came the great fun of catching up and re-jugging the 5 ewes, and keeping the 6 lambs straight! They really didn't want to go back into those jugs after being out on pasture all day.
Then we brought the rams in again, as I didn't want them getting frozen overnight. Still on "lamb watch" with 15 more ewes.
I came in so chilled, it took me a while to get warmed up again. Thank God for electric blankets and hot cocoa!


stephen rouse said...

Loved the photos and your commentary! YOu have to be ecstatic with that little spotted wonder! :-) (moorit/white smirslet)

I know what you mean about this weather. Whatever happened to spring? We'll probably go directly into summer! (WAH!)


Kathy L. said...

These kind of changes are what is "normal" for where we are. I've been doing the same as you, Juliann...out during nice days, in at night. We still have frozen water to deal with each morning and will until June, or so....
Those lambs are adorable! Ours are due any time now....any day...yup, any time....any minute, c'mon girls!

Juliann said...

Hi Kathy & Stephen! Thanks for the comments. Stephen, I'm thrilled with him, now hoping he doesn't scur!
Kathy, where are you at? Let us know when those bundles of joy arrive! :)

Kathy L. said...

thanks, Juliann!
We're at 7,000 ft. altitude in Flagstaff, AZ. In "normal" years, we can have snow on Memorial Day and have lost many a tomato plant to frost on the 4th of July. This makes gardening, plus other things, difficult. I remember when I worked for the Arboretum here - we had plant sales in June & July and in '96 had 6 inches of snow for both sales. This has been our warmest winter/spring in the last 20 years or none of us really know how to act. :) We generally have a daily 40-50 degree temperature range. In the summer we go to bed hot, but have to have a blanket by morning. It's nice but the altitude really fries your skin.
Keep posting those cute lamb pictures and I'll post any deliveries in my blog just as soon as the girls quit futzing around and get busy! :)