Friday, May 04, 2007

Growing, healthy lambs...

Beautiful, comfortable, over-cast day today. Not too hot, not too cold.
I felt like taking some photos of the lovely ladies and their lambs before it began drizzling. The two in the calf hut are two of my rams, Ock and Pompey.
Still waiting on two ewes to lamb, Ulla and Trick R Treat. They obviously didn't settle on their first heats, but that's okay. I'm not ready for lambing to be over with yet...Shall I push it next year and breed 25 intead of 20? Tempting, but I don't want to stress my pastures in the dog days that I know are coming.

Slowly skirting fleeces, putzing in the yard, cleaning the barn of clutter. I've accepted I will probably never be a horse owner again, so I sold my saddle and gave away most of my bits, etc. I feel sad about this when I'm driving down the road and I see people out riding and having fun on their beautiful bays and pintos. I feel a stab of pain seeing a chestnut, and remember all the great rides I had on Zoe'.
Which reminds me...I'm going to the vet's office this afternoon, to pick up more prednizone for Curly's back, and pick up Bonzai's ashes. I still haven't found a headstone I like yet. We will bury her ashes...Tom says we are not having a bunch of ashes from all these dogs stashed all over the house. I guess that would be the right thing to do, let her go back into the Earth and nourish new life.
I have grapes puchased for our vineyard we will be putting in, lots of seeds for our vegetable garden. The fruit trees are blossoming.
I was going to start a bunch of seeds inside this year, then got lazy and didn't do it. Story of my life.


Kathy L. said...

Juliann -

I have all the ashes from all of the cats we've had, loved, and lost. I told my DH if I go first, just mix us all together and let the wind have us. ;-) It would be nice to have a place we knew we'd have for the rest of our lives to have a real "cemetary" for everyone. (I've got a collection) Most of out yard has places where we've buried chickens, ducks, and other animals who've spent time here.

Love your lambs! Gret patterns and markings on your beauties! :)

Nancy K. said...

Hey pretty lady!

I love that black/grey katmoget! I can't believe you've lambed out this many ewes and are thinking of even MORE next year! You are a glutton for punishment! ;-)

I'm still waiting on Rosie. She's number 10 and I will be very happy when it's done. The rest of the lambs are already half grown!

I bought some pumpkin seeds to start indoors. Thought it would be a good idea to grow my own instead of going around begging every fall. I use them to flush the ewes. 'Course I haven't planted any yet either. We're just MUCH to busy with all our beautiful sheep!

Take care my friend ~ I miss you!

Juliann said...

Hi Kathy, that's the thing, I don't think we'll be living here forever. I'd love more acreage after we retire (more sheep!)

Hi Nancy! Yep, I'm nuts, lol! This is the first lambing I've just relaxed and didn't stress over anything. It was a breeze.
We planted pumpkins last year, they didn't germinate at all. I think the soil was too cool.
I miss you, too, but I'm sure we'll see each other at least a few times this year!

stephen rouse said...

Incredible lambs Juliann! That gray kat at the top is unreal. Wow. YOu must be on cloud 9. I'm betting you could 25 no problem. If you move...PLEASE pick SW Michigan! :-) hehe.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I had 50 Jiffy pots puffed up and ready for seeds -- which I never could find time to put in them.... Now the garden is about ready to plant. Oh well. This spring has felt crazier-busy than any other, and I'm just trying to keep my head above water. What WOULD I have done with any lambs? WHY am I contemplating BUYING a ram and breeding all four of my girls next -- and every? -- year??? But I'm not willing to give up my horse to have more time . . . AND I'm training another one for someone else.... Too many hats on my head!

Kathy L. said...

What great lambs, Juliann! I would love to get some of that color/markings in our flock. Ah, step at a time, eh? ;-)