Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The iris are blooming!
I thought I'd share one of my favorite flowers. I've got quite a variety of colors, I don't even know what I've got out there until they bloom.
After 11 years on our farm, I'm still experimenting with different plants. I like to plant different things. If they thrive, I plant more of them. If they die and I never see them again, I don't bother with that variety of plant again.
The busier I get in my life, the more I've grown to appreciate perennials. It is nice seeing them come up every year, like old friends, through little effort on my part.
I've planted a tiny hydrangea on the east side of the house as an experiment. I think they are beautiful, but I am unable to plant them on the north side of the house. I'm hoping it will do okay, and I'll get more of them.
I'm going to put my vegetable garden in next week.
The lambs are all doing great! Almost time to do vaccinations on the older ones. When I do so, I'll check their bites, etc. and start deciding who to register.Who will be shown this year, then break them to halter. Who to sell, which I'm having a terrible time with still. I need to pick out names for my many keepers.
One of my Wyandotte hens is broody! I am pleasantly suprised as I didn't think they were a broody breed.
We'll have baby chicks in the next few weeks. I do hope she is a good mother to those chicks.

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Kathy L. said...

What beautiful flowers! And to think that our trees aren't even out yet...the tree buds are just swelling now. We have to enjoy "leaves" while we can, 'cause in Sept. we get our first killing frost and they'll be gone in a poof!
Yes, before you know it Weaning Time will be here and thatnls for reminding me about all those neat things, like shots, etc. :)
You have a tough job ahead...choosing!