Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've spent the last few days working on my vegetable garden. My lazy ass just got around to it. I usually try to get it done around Mother's Day, but I got sidetracked with other projects.

I'm experimenting this year with a ground cover that will hopefully keep the weeds down. No matter how hard I tried last year, I simply could not keep up with weeding. The cover was on sale, so for the modest price of $30, hopefully I'll save lots of time weeding.
Putting these things down, and keeping them down in our high winds was challenging. The plastic pegs are unreliable, I ran out of rocks, so resorted to firewood. Overcome, adapt, and improvise, lol! In the center is last years rhubarb patch, strawberries (already yielding!) in the lower right. Now to keep our cattle dog, Banjo, out of the strawberries. He got in the bad habit of helping himself to tomatos off the vine last year...

I planted eggplant, 2 varieties of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, watermelon, zuchini, 2 varieties of yellow squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, can you tell I love squash?

I'll add cucumbers later this week. I'm going to try them on a tomato cage rather than a trellis this year.

Our raspberry patch. The ones on the left are from last year, the ones on the right we bought yesterday to replace the ones that didn't make it through the winter. Hoping the bushes will eventually cover the homely well in our backyard.

My butterfly/ memorial garden is not going well this spring. I was waiting for my butterfly bushes to start growing before weeding. They are dead. All of them, some of them 4 year old plants that were so big and beautiful when flowering.
I planted this garden in rememberance of my grandmother, and my husband's grandmother. It is now a place to remember all my departed loved ones, both human and non-human. See the St. Francis?
It has become a chicken hangout, I wonder if their poop changed the soil and killed everything except the lilac bushes in the back?
So now what to do. I might plant a tree and get a concrete bench. I'll roam the nursery today and think about it. I hate planting stuff and having it die. Waste of time and money.
I planted four Miss Kim lilac bushes in front of the chicken coop yesterday. I am hoping they will eventually obscure the view of the coop from the road. This morning, I noticed loose lambs in the yard. My new lilacs have been "altered". Leaves pulled off, broken stems. >:(
I found where they were getting through the fence and reinforced that weak spot. Damn kids!
Apple and peach trees in my postage-stamp orchard are doing great. I already thinned the peaches a few days ago. The bing cherry trees didn't make it. I'm going to try to get a refund on them today, although I'm a month late on my one-year guarantee. Worth a try, they were still dead last month....


Nancy K. said...

You have been a BUSY girl! I planted 12 pumkin seeds in little "starter pots" (the ones that my impatience seedlings came in) a couple of weeks ago. Need to get them into the ground soon ~ just can't decidew WHERE....

Juliann said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm on vacation from work this week, it's been so nice out I just don't want to be indoors too much. :) I'd scatter those pumpkins anywhere in the pasture where they'll get some sun, and I'll bet the'll do great. :)

Highland Hollow said...

how are your eggs doing? I had to do a two chicken egg abortion in my peacock hens nest last week, broke my heart to do it but a hen laid two eggs in the peacock nest and she was sitting on them with her own eggs, got nervous that the chicken eggs would hatch first and she would get confused and leave her peacock eggs to die.

Juliann said...

Hi Jane,

Out of four hatching, we have a whopping one chick. Just wasn't meant to be, the eggs started to germinate at different times, resulting in a very spread out hatch. She trampled the other three chicks, then abandoned the clutch with 5 eggs left.
I broke down and brought a tabletop incubator. I'll have to be more careful in the future with letting nature take it's course. I'll be shocked if the remaining chick survives, although she is taking good care of it.