Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Curly Joe!
My sweet baby boy turns 11 years old today! Curly is my best pal, and my favorite dog out of the four I currently share my home and life with. I've had him since he was a wee pup and we have a very special bond with each other.
He is happy to be where ever I'm at. I'm happy just being with him.
When I'm in the barn, he lays patiently by the gate, just out of reach of the sheep. He occasionally gets an egg from the chicken coop, which I have to break open for him.
When I'm in the garden, he chases the weeds I throw, and waits for a fresh strawberry treat. Sometimes, he doesn't wait and helps himself to the strawberries.
Curly has been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. We bring him to the vet regularly to have his comfort level and medication evaluated. He has to take prednizone daily for the rest of his life, and he wears diapers around the house. But he is physically comfortable, happy, and I am confident he still experiences joy every day. I make sure of it.
I don't know how much longer I will be blessed with his presence and love.


stephen rouse said...

He's a very lucky dog to have you as his owner Juliann! I wish him much more time....good quality time with you. I'm so sorry he has this condition.

Juliann said...

Thanks, my good friend. :) I guess this is part of having dogs. I just hate it when they age. I wish they would stay young forever.

I need orange said...

Our time with them is never long enough.

Wishing him a very happy birthday, a bit late.