Monday, June 04, 2007

Last Friday, we caught up all 55 of our sheep.

The adults were de-wormed, had their conditions checked, and had their hooves trimmed. The babies were evaluated, and given their first vaccinations. I made some decisions on who to keep, who to register, who to cull. I picked out lambs for the shows this year.

I'm not much on using themes for names for my lambs, I like to be inspired by each lamb and let a name just pop into my head. But felt like doing HBO this year. "The Sopranos" and "Rome". This moorit spottie is Lil'Country Cleopatra, by Bluff Country Kokomo, and out of Justalit'l Lacey.

I'm thrilled that out of 14 ram lambs, it looks like 7 are definetely polled. There is simply nothing there but crumbles of horn material. Two others have small, chocolate chip sized scurs and are on my watch list. 5 have either full horns or large scurs.

This black is my show boy. Lil'Country Titus Pullo. He is by Shelteringpines Octavian, and out of North Wind Netty, one of my best ewes.

I know, his ears are a little heavy. I'm hoping he grows into them. Hind end and tail are perfect, fleece will be dynamite. Bite is good, both testes are dropped. I've already started gently sacking him out in the pasture to prepare him for halter breaking.

My show girl will be Dalmatica's daughter, if she doesn't sell first. Sire is Shelteringpines Pompey Magnus. Gotta come up for a name for her.

My hen and her one magic chick. The little fellow (or gal) is still hanging in there. She is being a good mother and the chick stays close to her.

Last but not least, I bought myself a luxurious present. I've driven by this cow for several years. I finally stopped to see, out of curiosity, how much she was. She was about half what I thought she'd be. I figured I'd better call home and "ask permission". My husband asks "Why does a sheep farm need a concrete cow?" I said "Why do all these people have concrete deer in their yard when they don't raise deer?" (Makes perfect sense, right?) So he says I can buy her if I don't put her near the house where anyone can see her. So she was placed near the barn, which is great because it is my favorite place.


Franna said...

Oh! What a neat cow! Good for you.
55 sheep. We have almost the same number of sheep! It's a lot of work keeping up with them - and a lot of fun. You have a nice bunch of lambs this year. Thanks for sharing with us. :-)
- Franna

stephen rouse said...

Juliann, tell Tom I laughed myself sick about him making you put the cow "not near the house". LOL. tell him I said he sure is a "city slicker". hehe.

And Cleopatra is darned near perfect. Is she for sale? :-)

and the polled black boy....his head looks just like Dixen. I think those heavy ears are somewhat of an illusion due to not having horns. (my story and I'm sticking to it).

Kathy L. said...

I love it! What a great cow!

And where's Vorenus? If you have a Titus Pullo, don't you need a Lucius Vorenus as well?

Juliann said...

Good morning all!
Cleo will be staying, thanks for complimenting her. ;) She is out of Lacey, who is sold. I had my fingers crossed for a loud colored ewe lamb out of her. She might carry polled, being by Kokomo!
Tom tried his hardest to talk me out of getting the cow! But he failed, lol! At least I didn't bring home a live cow. This one won't have to be fed, go through fencing, kick, or poop! ;)
Kathy, another Rome fan? lol! I wish they would have a third season. I may have a Mark Antony and a Lucius Verenus, maybe even a Caesar or Sulla, depending on how nice these ram lambs develop. Pullo is such a BIG ram lamb, and he is so bold, that the name Pullo stuck.

Nancy K. said...

It looks like Kokomo did GREAT with Cleopatra! Awesome tail!

Your Dalmatica's ewe lamb is exquisite!! Is she dark brown or black?

And I'm SO happy that you (and your hen) got a chick! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!

nice cow....


Kathy L. said...

Yes, I confess...after having had four years of Latin and translating the Gaulic Champaign Caesar wrote (sorry if the spellings off...long day)how could I not be a Rome fan? I thought it was GREAT and couldn't believe all the research they did for everything from foods to clothing and customs - they did a great job!

(You could always tell your DH that the cow will inspire you to make cheese! Hmmm...Sheeps' milk cheese! ;)

Juliann said...

Kathy, have you read Colleen McCollough's Rome series? Fantastic!
Nancy, you would not believe all the sharp, LOUD colored lambs I got by Kokomo! He threw some beauties! I'm going to use him again next year!

Kathy L. said...

I'll have to check out that series! Thanks, Juliann! It was amazing to me how much came back to me while watching "Rome". They did a wonderful job even on the little details.