Monday, July 02, 2007

Lambs, lambs, lambs.
We caught up all the lambs a few days back. Booster vaccinations, first deworming, and another round of evaluations. All the ewe lambs were tagged with tamper- proof USDA scrapie tags. These tags are used to track the movements of the sheep in case of an outbreak of disease. Since only ewes pass on the disease scrapie, in their birth fluids and placenta, my scrapie vet wants all ewes tagged unless we take them directly to a locker for butcher.
The boys that are breeding quality are also tagged. The tag number will go on their registration papers as a permenent record of who they are.
The "cull ram lambs" will only be tagged if they are sold as pets (to be casterated.) Otherwise, they will get special brass meat tags, when they go to market in October.
Now is another nice time of year, the lambs can be weaned and go to their new homes. This gets the numbers down and gives the pastures a bit of a break. I recoup a small amount of what I've spent so far on these sheep, lol.
Pictured are a smooth polled gulmoget ram lamb, who sold a few days after he was born. He will be going to Ohio to be used as a breeder for a lucky lady.
The moorit and white will be culled. I'm just not sure about his horns, if he carries polled or not. I'm not comfortable papering him unless I'm sure either way. He'll make somebody a nice pet.
It's been hot out, but we've been getting little spurts of rain. We had a thunderstorm last night, then sat out on the deck and watched a neighbor's fireworks display. That was nice. No crowds, no traffic jam, no obnoxious drunks. Just Tom and I, and the dogs.
We are getting busy here today.....more on that tomorrow! ;)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, I like that little gully boy! Lucky breeder who snapped him up....