Saturday, July 07, 2007

This has been our hayfield for the last 12 years. I finally had Tom talked into fencing it in, to use as another pasture. We both had some reservations about doing this, from the quality of the fencing to make it look nice, to concerns about attracting the public to our sheep, which could result in stolen lambs, or people pulling up on the highway to feed the sheep causing all sorts of problems.

We have been having problems getting the field cut in a timely manner for good hay, or some years, getting it cut at all. I can't blame the hay guy, it is a small field for him to deal with. Keeping this as a hay field has been an inefficient use of this piece of our property, so time for a change.

We have been dreaming of a pond since we built our house 12 years ago. We thought actually doing so would be cost prohibitive, or the pond wouldn't fill up, and we'd be stuck with an ugly hole in front of our house. Every time the subject came up over the years, I talked Tom out of it.

After checking with Conservation, and a host of other government entities, plus pricing the use of heavy equipment, Tom decided we should go ahead with the project, and give it a try. My brother is a heavy equipment operator who generously volunteered his free time. Thank you Jamie!

My anxiety level was pretty high the last few days, watching our beautiful field being torn up. We hit water at about 8 feet deep, so I'm feeling a little better. It will be a weekend project for Jamie, so it will get done "in chapters". When completed, it will have a birm up front near the road, and a little beach near the house.

I also get my new pasture out of the deal. We will fence in the area on the other side of the driveway for my new pasture. :) I hope the birm will hide the fence job, and my sheep from people driving by.

So here it is, as of this morning.


Nancy K. said...

How COOL!!!! Your very own pond?! With a BEACH? Will the sheep be fenced around the pond? It looks like it's going to be beautiful.

Juliann said...

Hi Nancy,

Yes, a beach! I can't wait! I hope we don't get any snapping turtles...