Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've been poking around periodically on I'm not "on fire" to get another dog, I'm in no hurry.

I don't want to buy from a breeder or a pet shop. There are so many dogs out there now who need homes.

This little girl is at a shelter in southern Illinois. The page says she has had a very hard life and needs to learn to trust. She needs a someone to love her in a quiet home. My heart broke looking at that face, and the tail tucked between the legs in fear. She has obviously been bred, and is camera shy.

I can only imagine what she has been through so far in her short life. I am guessing she was used as a breeder in a puppy mill or "animal collector" setting. Who else would breed her and discard her like a used kleenex? She is only around three years old!

I've submitted an application to met her, and hopefully adopt her. I have to wait a week to see if the shelter feels she and I will be a good match. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, I hope this little girl finds a forever home where she will be happy, and I will graciously accept disappointment.

One more thing to put in our Father's capable, loving hands.


sheila said...

I hope things work out with this little girl...I don't know where in Southern Illinois she is but if it is anywhere near us, you are welcome to stop off here for a meal or just a break. It was great visiting with you yesterday..the girls are doing fine.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a sad, sad face!

Tammy said...

It breaks my heart to look on Petfinder, there are so many that need a loving home. She looks so sweet under that sad little face. I hope it works out for you both, and I know you are right when you say if it works out it is meant to be. I've lost several of my furry friends in the recent years and its so hard to accept they are gone. Eventually though I start praying about it and looking around because I can't not have a dog or cat cluttering up my life and loving me half to death. I can give a good home to a few, and to not allow that blessing in my life and theirs---well it would just be wrong! So I hope that although your heart hurts from losing Curly, I hope that your next furry friend brings healing and laughter for you. Take care,
p.s. (Boone--pictured on my blog is also a rescue dog---he was in horrific shape when I got him, but he hasn't let that affect his love of life!)

Nancy K. said...

you and that precious little pug are in my prayers. I know that she would be blessed to be placed with you but wonder if the shelter might think the other dogs might be a bit much for her. I know that you will end up with just the right dog and that it will be a very lucky canine to be chosen to spend it's life with such a loving and caring person as you.

Juliann said...

Hi everyone.

I haven't heard back from the resuce after sending in my six page application, so I guess I'm not the one for her. They probably feel that three other dogs may be too much for her. That's okay, I want what's best for her. Being a purebred, I'm sure she'll find a good home.