Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pug update:
The rescue called me late last night and interviewed me! Thay had talked to my vet, and were concerned that two of my dogs are overdue for heartworm tests. I explained to the rescue person that we keep our dogs on heartworm pills year 'round, and we get them tested whenever we run out of pills. So the tests don't get done routinely every 12 months, but they do get done.
We both had lots of questions for each other. The little girl will be a project. She was a stray picked up on the street by the local animal control, so nothing is known of her background except she had been bred, she is housetrained, and very "shy and fearful". She will be a project.
We will be meeting the little girl this coming Saturday, and hopefully she will have a stable, forever home with us!


Tammy said...

That is so exciting! Poor little thing, there is no telling how she ended up 'on the street'. I wonder about Boone (the Dogue) how he ended up 'out there' too. I think she will fit in perfectly once she gets over her timidity. The other dogs confidence in life will probably even help her. Praying that the meeting goes well, and that you are meant to be! :-) Tammy

stephen rouse said...

Congrats Juliann. This little dog could not ask for a better family to live with than yours! :-)


Nancy K. said...

I am so happy for that little pug puppy! God has surely smiled upon her.

BIG hugs!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Fingers and toes crossed here....

Juliann said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm so excited I hope I can sleep tonight! :)
Tammy, I do think there is something to "the power of the pack", as Cesar Milan (sp?) says. I'm sure our other three will show her how to be a happy dog, once she gets comfortable here.