Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Six Canada geese, in our front yard! Imagine that, what a pleasant suprise. I can't wait to see what shows up at our pond, which btw is only about half-way completed. Hopefully...not 500 Canada geese, lol!

I try to picture the pond in my mind a year from now, with green grass, a fire pit, and a few willow trees. Instead of large piles of sticky mud.

Ever the procrastinator, I started halter training this week. I'm only showing two classes at Michigan, but I want all six lambs halter trained. I still have to get them from the trailer to the pen. Halter training is a pain in the rear, so I always put off doing it. It is hard to be patient with the lambs as they overcome their fear of being restrained, and try to figure out what I'm asking them to do. It is hot out, the flies bite me and sweat pours off me. The lambs squall and squirm and flop. Sometimes I feel like I am picking on them. But I figure if I have to get up and go to work every day, a little work won't kill them, either.

I always quit if I feel my patience starting to fray. I never want to lose my temper with them.

Back when I had horses, I was always a disciple of John Lyons. I apply his common sense lessons when working with lambs. One lesson is that neither the handler, nor the animal should ever become injured during the lesson. Work in baby steps, and work at the animal's own pace. Reward forward movement, even if it is a leap forward. Expect "two steps forward, one step back". End the lesson on a good note. If you are losing your temper, quit for the day.

About the little girl pug. I never heard back from the rescue. Not meant to be, that's okay. There must be a home out there that is more suitable for her needs than the one I can offer her. I pray that she will be full of joy in her new home, and someone will love her as much as I loved my Curl.

The woman who grooms my husband's dog volunteers with the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society. I've asked her to look out for a little dog for me. Something calm, something small. She is confident that she can find a stray who will be a perfect match for me. :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm sure she will. Can't wait to meet him or her, once he or she comes "home"!

I just posted photos of Braveheart on my blog. You've seen the scur that came off and where it came from, but there are also fleece photos. Thought you might be interested, since he's out of Justalit'l Griffin.

stephen rouse said...

Who ALL are you showing this year Juliann (at mff)? Enquiring minds want to know! :-) stephen P.S. maybe you could post their photos with names on your blog? hint hint

Juliann said...

Michelle, Braveheart is a treasure! You will find that those little scurs will just keep popping off. That's nice, I think. :)
Stephen, I'm showing Lightfoot, a small black who is out of Justalit'l Grace (Dixen daughter), and by your SH Pompey! Lightfoot will be going to Minn. after MFF. :)
And I'm showing Possum, also a Pompey daughter, who is out of Justalit'l Twinkle, also a Dixen daughter. She is being quite the little...."B" word right now, lol!
I'll get some photos. :)