Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've had a few people e-mail asking about how Jellybean is doing. Thank you for asking! She is doing okay. She is still a nervous dog, but she has warmed to us greatly. Most of the time, she is very happy playing with the other dogs, chewing on a nylabone, or falling asleep on my lap. She is still extremely nervous around people she doesn't know.
Since she has been here, she has a few rotten teeth pulled, had an abcess treated and healed on her paw, dewormed (she was wormy!), started on heartworm preventative, and has put on a few pounds. She is sleek, healthy, and I think as happy as a neglected, neurotic dog can be. :)
Adopting Jelly has been very rewarding. When I reflect back on 2007, bringing this little girl into my life was the year's highlight.

She hates having her picture taken (like me) but I caught her off guard here...

My sister moved to Texas last summer. She didn't want to bring her Beta, Pinkie, along for the looong drive and risk her not surviving the trip. Pinkie ended up here. I'm suprised at how cool she is, and how much I enjoy just looking at her.
I used to be very into fish keeping when I was young. I got away from fish tanks because of the maintenance. I have found Pinkie to be very clean and low-maintenance. I clean her bowl once a week. Just takes a few minutes.
Don't be sad that she is alone in the bowl. These fish are like game hens. They tried to kill each other when I bought her a lady friend. Her yellow friend, Dart, now is on my desk at work, and is a big hit in the office.
Everyone likes the male Betas. I prefer the females, don't know why. They just seem more modest.

Last weekend, I had a nice visit with Carol Kelly of Windy Acres in Indiana. Of course, I had to bring a few of her sheep home. The moorit is Windy Acres Hickory. He is by Winter Sky Jamison, an aberrant horned ram I greatly admire. Jamison is an AI ram by UK ram Willowcroft Jamie, who is one of my favorite import rams, in addition to Roban Dillon.

Anyone who thinks scurred/ aberrant rams shouldn't be used for breeding, think again!

Hickory has a 25% of being fully polled. If he does prove himself to be a full poll, he will be used her for a very long time! He has very deep depressions, and the scurs are barely there. The dame is Shelteringpines Leila.

So now I have a lamb out of Leila. Leila is a coming thirteen year old ewe, who is a granddaughter of Dailley Chelsie! Leila's sire is the famous Kelly Northstar, Heather Ludham's ram who died a few years ago.

I plan on using Hickory next fall, along with Windswept Killian and Sommerang Eragon.

This is Valient Valora. She comes to the Midwest all the way from Arizona! Valora is of Beryl Baker's breeding, and is the daughter of Valient Telford, an Arizona polled moorit ram. Valora threw a scurred ram lamb last spring, so I'm hoping that she carries polled. I'm not a huge fan of Ag (the fading gene), as I like my patterned sheep to hold their colors. But I couldn't resist the temptation of a new polled bloodline. She is a very nice ewe.

Valora has been exposed to Stephen Rouse's scurred gulmoget, Justinian. I'm hoping for a ewe lamb out of her that I can keep.

The ewe flock at feeding time. Hopefully some of that hay is going into the lamby-pies growing in those bellies! 2 1/2 months until lambing!

Yes I said it! Lamby-pies!

I'm including this photo because it's beautiful. My husband, Tom, took it last November during a storm. No tornados this time, thank goodness. Just fast, rolling clouds, lots of rain, and the rainbow at the very end. :)


Nancy K. said...

I'm so happy to hear from you Jules! I keep checking your blog and worry when you don't post for so long. I didn't know that you named your new pug "Jellybean" ~ too CUTE! She looks great too. Lucky dog to have found you.

I have one of Leila's daughters and she has thrown some scurred ram lambs for me. Nice babies though...

That photo of the storm is awesome! it has everything in it.

Take care my friend. I miss you.

Bill Stearman said...

Thank you for posting Julian.

I, too love you to bits and worry when we don't hear from you for a while.

Hugs my dear friend!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations on the new additions to your polled program! I'm tickled that some of Carol's nice sheep went to someone who will use and appreciate their genetics. I would love to get some, too, but there's "not room at the inn."

Corinne R. said...

Glad to see you back! I am also glad to see that I am not the ONLY one who can't visit another shepherd's farm without bringing home some sheepies!

stephen rouse said...

Loved all the photos Juliann! And the new sheep are great additions! :-)

Moses, Blizzard, and Carol said...

How nice to see Hickory and Valora in their new home. I look forward to hearing about Valora's lamb this spring and Hickory's lambs next year.

Kathy said...

Glad to see the post, too, Jules...I think we were all starting to worry about you!

It sounds like you're making great progress re: your polled work! It sounds like it will be an exciting time for you when lambing comes - Christmas #2, right? :)

Franna said...

Thanks for the update on Jellybean and the pollies. I was hoping "no news is good news" applied here. :-)
- Franna

Nancy K. said...