Monday, April 07, 2008

We are well underway with lambing here. As of this morning, 14 ewes have lambed, with 10 more to go. We have 20 healthy lambs on the ground.

Our first Clunlands were born on April 1st. These are pictured below. The sire is a purebred shetland (Boomerang) and the dame is a purebred Clun Forest, Alice.

They are the same size as the larger shetland lambs. I thought they would come out black, as Boomer is dominant homozygous for black, but whatever pattern gene these brown factored Clun Forest carries appears to be dominant. I'm still waiting on out other Clun, Cora, to lamb. I named our Cluns after the lead females characters in one of my favorite movies, "The Last of the Mohicans".
I think I can get away with not docking their tails...they are pretty short.

I don't know if the Scotch mule cross, Sophia, was settled. I'm not seeing a bag on her.

Regarding the shetlands, I guess Silvio doesn't carry spotting after all. The white markings on his face must be part of his katmoget markings. It is sinking in that the flashy spots I was looking forward to arn't going to happen. My spotties are throwing solids and smirslets. Overall, I'm also getting a lot of moorits (...yawn...) and blacks (...zzzz...). But I cannot complain too much when the lambs are healthy, strong, and eager to thrive.
In Silvio's defense, he has really improved hind ends and tails, plus I'm getting my first lambs that I'm pretty sure carry the dilute (modified) gene. Which is pretty exciting. Fleeces look pretty nice.
Next year, I think I'll use Eragon heavily to put some shiny chrome and "bling-bling" back into the pastures. These two smirslets appear to be fawn, out of Josephine and by Silvio. I think I'll keep the female. The ram looks like he'll be nice! Below is an emsket ram lamb.
A few more notables...

A moorit gulmoget ram lamb with no horn buds out of Babybee.
Remember how I was hoping for a white ewe lamb out of Dalmatica? Twin white ewe lambs! As these lambs are by Octavian, they are sure to carry at least one copy of the polled gene!

I sought expert opinion on the above ram lamb. He might be a gulmoget-katmoget, "gul-kat" for short ! Which means he will be limited to throwing either gulmoget or katmoget at the pattern locus.

I snuck out Saturday for a quick ride with my girlfriends at nearby Kankakee State Park. I never replaced my Morgan mare after she died in 2006, and I don't know if I'll ever buy another horse. Will hay prices the way they are, I'm almost afraid to. For now, I'm content to borrow other people's horses.

My friend Theresa took this photo of me with Captain, a 12 year old Tenn. Walker gelding who belongs to my friend Renee. This was my first trail ride on a gaited horse, it definitely took some getting used to! I'm used to Quarter horses and Appys. We had a perfect day with moderate temps, no bugs, and no wrecks.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Glad you were able to get back in the saddle. You may not be getting many spots, but I think those gullies are pretty wonderful!

Juliann said...

Good morning Michelle,

I'm always happy to see a gulmoget! :)

Carol Bator said...

I love all your lamb photos. The clunlands are cute and interesting. I am glad Boomer had a chance to be their dad. The kat-gul is cool. I would love to make a trade for one of your polled carrying white ewe lambs, but probably don't have anyone you need for your flock. I am hoping that all your lambs are delivered healthy and mothered up good. Good luck with the remainder of your lambing season.


Becky Utecht said...

Thanks for posting the Clunland photos. They are interesting! Their ears look big and their hindquarters look nice. The darker faced lamb's tail looks longer than the other one. Are they boys or girls or one of each? It will be interesting to watch them grow and watch their body type.
About the spots, I'm in the same boat, I bred for modified colors not spotting this year. I'm hoping for a gulmoget this year. Yours are adorable and your gul-kat is COOL!

Corinne R. said...

Glad you got to ride again. Aren't gaited horses fun? The first time I rode my friend's Tennessee Walker, I giggled the whole time....I am used to my Quarter horses and my leggy Arab that can be like a jack hammer if you don't get her collected.

Nancy K. said...

You have been BUSY my friend! Your lambs are beautiful ~ especially that gul/kat and that exquisite moorit/gulmoget ram lamb! Horse back riding sounds like fun ~ I haven't done it in years. I doubt that I could haul this fat, old body up into a saddle anymore!

Happy Spring,
I think about you often

Anonymous said...