Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Would you believe I took hardly any photos at Michigan Fiber Festival? I forgot, until I saw a Lincoln Longwood ram that looked just like my DH's dog, Angus, that I wanted to share with him. So I have very few fun photos to share, but the ones I have I'll put up later.

Nevermind, Garrett took enough for both of us here on his blog at:

I "borrowed" just a few where I don't look so much like a trainwreck (I do NOT photograph well, I'm suprised his camera lens didn't crack taking a photo of me), so Garrett get's the credit as the photographer!
I will get photos of my new sheep purchases. I meant to pick out one or two ewes to improve conformation in my flock, ended up coming home with four, plus an English Blue BFL ram for a particular crossbred known as "mules" for their extreme hardiness and easy gain on forage.
I was very pleased to see Sophia's ram lamb bring a dollar a pound at market, and weighing in a 70 pounds at only four months of age, on forage alone. And that was with a shetland sire! I could use some more of that $$ to help pay for my purebred shetland flock.

Here is my show ram, Lil'Country Sand Storm. We did not do well in the ring.....

.....Okay, so we came in LAST PLACE! My boy was dwarfed by the larger, double coated rams, did not have the fleece type that the judge preferred, and Sand Storm became agitated halfway through the show, hunching and bawling. But I had a good time, and it was so good seeing my friends and seeing so many sheep. And I was reassured by other breeders, who's opinions I respect, to keep on doing what I'm doing with my flock, and that I'm on the right track.

Made my day and made me feel better about placing last place. I was pretty mortified. But...I guess somebody has to come in last.

What else went on this weekend? LOTS of good food, good company, and mmmm...Lots of drinking! I was a naughty, naughty girl. We went out to restaurants every night, and each restaurant had Irish Cream of some type.

The shetland group at MFF has always had great chemistry together, and it was so nice to plug into that positive energy. I'm so happy to be a Midwest Shetland girl and part of such a dynamic group of nice folks.

This is me and one of my best shetland pals, Stephen Rouse. I first met Stephen in spring of 2003, when I drove up to his place to purchase some of the lovely spotted sheep that Stephen is famous for.

We hit it off and became fast friends.

Garrett has been a fun addition to our group, we hung out all weekend together and cracked each other up. It felt so good to laugh until I couldn't breath. I also got to touch base with so many other great shetland folk, too many to mention here. How I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out more often! (This goes for you nice folks that couldn't make the MFF this year.)

I have a feeling that Garrett is going to be quite the "up and comer" in the shetland world. He is passionate about his sheep and making wise breeding choices. Keep an eye on that one!

In two weeks is my next show, at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

kristi said...

Hey Juliann,
thanks for adding me to your site...I will be adding the shetland people who have come to visit me this weekend...I am not the sharpest pencil when it comes to computers. Some judges just don't get it, same as the dog show; some just need a good "B" slap:) In my opinion, the polled ram & 2 ewes I have gotten from you are great & all 3 have have gotten top fleece comments from my shearer! Next year I promise to go to MFF. You have given me the encouragement to move forward w/my sheep & for that I consider you a new good friend:)

stephen rouse said...

you photograph incredibly well Juliann! :-) I wish I was going to be at Jefferson!


Nancy K. said...

How I wish I could have gone to MFF with you! Perhaps next year we can plan things in advance and get together....

Juliann said...

Stephen, I photograph like a calf in the meadow. That's what I look like, anyway, a fugly cull calf. :( How I wish I could do an "ahsley simpson" and simply buy a new face. Hey, come spend the night, I'll drive you to Jefferson! We'll tear that up, too!
Nancy, that offer goes for you next year for MFF! Missed you this year, you would have had an absolute BLAST! We got nutty!
Kristi & Pine Pod, thank you! :)

Becky Utecht said...

You photograph just fine Juliann! It's fun to see the shots from Garrett's lofty height - notice how the camera angle is pointing down in those shots? Sorry to have missed MFF, sounds like it was really fun again this year. I'm looking forward to Jefferson - with or without my sheep in tow.