Saturday, September 20, 2008

The last show of the year is over and done with. I had the best time I've ever had at the Jefferson show this year, and I owe it to such a great group of friends. It is wonderful to see more and more people coming each year, seeing old friends, and making new ones.
I wasn't going to show at Jefferson this year, but ended up showing Ram Lamb single as moral support for for my bud Garrett, who placed higher than me. Good job Garrett! How did I place? We won't go there, lol!

Last weekend, we got hit by Ike or his Midwest spin off. It is hard to complain when people down south were losing their homes, but we did take on more water than we ever did before. See that puddle in front of the barn? That is a stream that ran in one end of the barn, and out the other side. The entire barn was flooded.
I couldn't let the sheep into the barn for shelter as the barn was worse than the standing water in the pastures.
I had the ewe lambs in the pig pen to give their dames a break before next breeding season. I went out to the barn to find them bawling and standing knee high in water. So I let them back in with the brood ewe flock.
We also had a strong wind along with driving rain. I was suprised how warm the storm was, thank goodness.
The pastures were standing water. There was no higher ground to move the calf huts to. Tom decided that although the weather wasn't bothering the sheep nearly as much as I thought it was, he cleared a space in our 12 X 16 storage shed, which is elevated on runners. It was the only dry spot on the property, besides inside our house.
We put hay down, and one by one, the ewes leapt up into the shed and tucked into their hay. Then I could relax a little until the next day, when the barn had to be scraped clean of the muck before it dried.
A few weeks ago, the apples were ready to be picked on our apple trees. Tom gave me a boost, and we had plenty of green apples for snacking and to give away by the bagful to family and friends. This basket belonged to my grandmother, who left to be with the Lord the day after Christmas in 1993. It was her gardening basket.
I treasure it and of course think of her everytime I take it into the garden.

Some of our garden nummies from last month. We also got a few watermelons, and I'm just starting to pick some brussel sprouts. We got our first grape cluster from our two year old grapevines.

I'll end with a few sheep photos for my fellow sheep addicts.

This is Cora, my favorite Clun Forest ewe. Below is a photo of one of her twin ram lambs, sired by Boomerang. I wasn't thrilled with the growth on these guys, they started out growing like gangbusters but petered out around 3-4 months. They weren't very thick or meaty. I still got .85 cents a pound for them at market, not too bad.... I'm hoping for better, meatier lambs next year when my Cluns are put under my Blue Faced Leicester ram, Nightwatch.

This is a recent photo of Windy Acres Hickory. Hictory is turning into an incredibly awesome ram! He is sired by Winter Sky Jamison, a half-polled F1 Jamie who sadly passed away last winter. His dame is Leila, who also carries polled from the Dailley line. I don't know for sure if Hickory is a half or full poll, but based on his head shape, I think he might be a full poll.

Time will tell, but I don't think I'm going to have enough breeding group space to use Hickory this year, but he'll be kept for rotation with my other polled bloodlines.

UnderTheSon Silvio Dante, with his short scurs. Silvio is obviously a half-poll. I won't part with him until I have a son by him that I suspect to be fully polled. I have held over some of Silvio's ewe lambs to be used as brood ewes in the future. Silvio will also be retained to be rotated into my breeding flock in the future.

Last but not least, here is a head shot of my sweet and handsome BFL ram, Nightwatch. I do love my rams, I tend to get more attached to them than I do my girls.


Kara said...

Hi Juliann. Blogger doesn't like me today. I tried to leave a comment earlier. My new gul ewe lamb might be a poll carrier, as she has Winter Sky Jamison in her pedigree. She is by PikeHill Stanley Pease, out of PikeHill Poa. I might be able to justify a polled ram one of years after all:)

Nancy K. said...

Jefferson was all the more fun because YOU were there!

Your Hickory is gorgeous! What a "pretty" face and his fleece looks like lace!

I have to admit: I did enjoy rubbing the faces of the BFLs at Jefferson.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Drooling over Hickory here; SUCH a beautiful boy! And he looks so innocent, whereas my Braveheart, with his perpetually swollen "ram nose," always looks pugnacious.

I'm wrestling with selling my favorite ewe to be able to get a half-poll Ock daughter; wish someone would tell me the right thing to do!

Juliann said...

Hi Kara, you might get lucky (or unlucky, depending. :)

Thanks Nancy, it was GREAT spending time with you at the show this year. Let me know when the Minn gang decide to throw a sheep party, I'll see if I can't come up!
Michelle, you need more acreage. More acres, more sheep! lol!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That wasn't any help, Juli! I want someone to tell me which SHEEP would be better for me to have, not to buy more land. That stuff's spendy out here....

Carol Bator said...

Juli, thank you for posting Hickory's photo. He is one that I have been wondering about. It is so good to see how nicely he is turning out. His dam, Leila, was shy with people, but a sweet heart in many ways, and a very productive ewe. If I do stay in the business of breeding Shetlands, I may have to borrow Hickory from you some year.

Juliann said...

Carol, he's just awesome. I'll have to get a full body shot for you, he really REALLY has turned out very nice.
Of course you are welcome to borrow him. :)