Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Okay, I stole this photo off of

It made me laugh. I love to laugh, and I needed a laugh.
Check it out, and check out while you're at it, expecially if close up pics of creepy spiders makes you shudder...:)


Anonymous said...

LOL Juliann!

Nancy K. said...

It looks like a giant, fuzzy worm! I'm guessing it's some kind of an Alpaca???

You'll get lots of laughs this weekend, my Friend ~ can't wait to see you!!

Juliann said...

Doesn't it look like a worm? Halarious!
Can't wait to see you as well!! As well as everyone else, including G-Unit (Garrett, lol!)
I'm a little stressed over the AGM thing, but I know I'll end up having a good time, I always do!
It's been a long time Nancy, we'll have a LOT to talk about I'm sure! I hope this hotel has a BAR!!! :P

stephen rouse said...

Loved the photo...loved the ugly blog you mentioned. too funny. Thanks for the laugh.


Carol Bator said...

Thanks for the Cute Overload link. I have checked it a few times this week, and it always made me smile. I added a direct link from my own blog.