Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man..."

Isn't he freaking gorgeous?

Sommerang Eragon, of Lori Stephenson's breeding. Eragon is by Underhill Bandit, and out of Sommerang Challis.
(He is standing a little tucked in the above photo, he isn't sickle hocked.)

I was fortunate enough to grab this polled boy up as a ram lamb last year. I've enjoyed watching him blossom into an absolutely gorgeous yearling. I think his build is ideal for a Shetland ram. Nice and cobby, but not too tall at the wither. This fall, he finally get's his chance to shine as a flock sire, and I hope he puts his stamp on his lambs.

Some of his ewes for this breeding season. Justalit'l Grace, a Bramble Dixen daughter, is the black in front. The fawn kat is Lil'Country Meadow, a Pompey Magnus daughter, maternal granddaughter of Walnut Rise Malcolm.

The moorit fleckets are by Bluff Country Kokomo. The gal behind Grace is Lil'Country Cleopatra, out of Justalit'l Lacey. The flecket to the right is Lil'Country Adriana, out of Shelteringpines Jemma.

Shelteringpines Chalmeaux, a horned spotted fawn kat, is also in Eragon's breeding group. In addition to calling her "Shamu", I also call her "my little cow". Shamu has displaced Grace as head ewe, probably due to her sizeable rack. I have found her to be attractive in her own way, and she has given me a long overdue appreciation for horned ewes. They deserve preservation, too.

Shamu's horns have not caused much hardship in my otherwise hornless ewe flock, other than her head cannot fit in my headgate.

And the one time I was graining the ewe flock and Shamu's horn got hooked in my jogging shorts....and she spooked.

Doesn't everyone get their pants get pulled down by their sheep now and then?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

YES! Eragon is gorgeous! Do you think he is PP or Pp? I would love to have him move here some year down the road when you have added all the genes of his you have room for. If no one else has asked, can I have first dibs? Logistics is always a problem, but who knows what will happen in future years?

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Yes, he is fantastic! Looks like a nice group of ewes in his group as well!

Corinne R. said...

He is Yummy. I have his twin sister Edrea and have her in with my new ram from Stephen....can't wait to see everyones' lambies in the spring!

stephen rouse said...

They look fantastic Juliann. You have to be very pleased. Eragon is a very good looking ram! I had forgotten you had a spotted ram that was a spotted katmoget! Very cool. Spotted patterns are some of my very favorites. The best of both worlds.


Juliann said...

Thankee, everyone. Giving credit where it's due. :)

Hi Michelle,
I suspect he's a half poll. I'd love to get a few suspected full poll ram lambs by him, and of course some ewe lambs. You have "first dibs" when I'm done with him. :) We'll find a way to get him out west!

Terri D. said...

Julian, your sheep are lovely...but maybe it's because I worked last night, had CPR training this morning, it's now 3PM and I haven't slept yet. Oh, yeah, and back to work tonight. Maybe it's because I'm tired, but my favorite part of your post was the last line about Shamu getting caught in your pants. Very funny! I'm glad I am not the only one who has had some wacko run ins with sheep!
Check out my blog!

Juliann said...

Hi Terri,

Thanks for sending me your blog, I'll link to you! :)

Dave said...

Yes, I have to admit that he is a well built boy... Franna and I disagree on the polled versus non-polled shetland, but with boys like him, I could consider having two lines around, one with and one without horns... :)