Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did. We enjoyed Christmas breakfast and gift giving with my family, and dinner with Tom's side.
I'm just now taking a breather and learning my new photo software.

This is my younger brother, Jamie, on Christmas morning. I have an older brother in Arizona, and my sister is in Texas.

Here is my Mom.

We've been experiencing the usual odd Illinois weather. We had a large amount of snow, which left me unable to open the barn door or open any of the gates. I resorted to my usual climbing over the ice covered pipe gates.

It was -20 with the wind chill last week, so the ewes came into the barn. I was disturbed to see that the rams were shivering, so they were obviously in distress. I cleared and bedded a stall for them, and Tom had to use a portable Blue Rhino to melt the ice enough to the pipe gates open to move them.

I had to really psych myself up to bundle up and go out there everyday. Thankfully, we have Rubbermaid troughs set up with tank heaters, so at least I'm not having to haul water as much as when we had breeding groups set up.

The ewes in the barn, bold Clun girls in the front waiting for hay.

My good friends Al and Denise usually bring their sheep down to be exposed to our rams. The larger white sheep is their cheviot Lambchop, was bred to Gallifrey last year and produced the smaller white shetland-cheviot to the right. The crossbred was exposed to Eragon.

This year, Lambchop was exposed to our BFL, and Denise hopes to show a Mule alongside me at the Jefferson show next year! That will be fun!

Everyone settled in the barn, dry and out of the biting wind. Tom's little bottle wether is the scurred fellow in the front. I don't have much use for a wether, but "Q" wasn't going to ship to market after us bottle feeding him.

Now, the snow has melted and we have lots of standing water. But the warmer temps are okay. It will get very cold again pretty soon.

Tom took these photos of me and "my twins" a few weeks ago. Jellybean the pug absolutely loves having her belly rubbed. Fester, the Frenchie, just had his 10th birthday last week.

He just had oral surgery on some bad teeth, and bloodwork completed. Everything came back fine, so I'm happy that the pain meds he takes for his arthritis arn't causing his organs any harm.

A smootch for my baby girl...


Laura said...

Merry Christmas Juliann!

You sheep look good. Little "Q" will be good for when you bring in new rams or ewes as a companion when they are in quarantine. (He's also cute!) I also like the picture of you with your dogs-you look happy and so do they!


Juliann said...

Thanks Laura,

Hope you had a great New Years. You've just reminded me, I have to link to your blog!