Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Well, my computer crashed. I lost a bunch of photographs I had stored, although I was able to retrieve some of them. I lost recipes and documents I had written or saved. Oh well, life goes on.
I bought a new laptop instead of a tower computer, and I invested in wireless while I was at it. It isn't as fast as high speed, but not as slow as dial up. So that's nice.

Looks like I got "tagged" by Stephen, so I have to talk about my least favorite topic, myself (ugh). Thanks Stephen, nice to know that you are thinking of me. Love ya... :)

8 Favorite Foods:
-Cheese and crackers
-White Castle hamburgers (or any other hamburgers for that matter)
-Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce.
-Any kind of chips, Tostidos, Fritos, potatos chips.
-Chocolate bars, exp. dark chocolate.

8 Things I Did Today (not much today, how about yesterday? Not in order...)
-Woke up with a smile.
-Made a pot of coffee at work, and then worked.
-Fed 35 sheep hay and grain, hauled fresh water.
-Hugged and kissed and cuddled with my Jelly-belly pug.
-Ate leftover brussel sprouts and some almonds for dinner.
-Hugged my husband and told him how much I love him.
-Laid awake for three hours before I went to sleep.

8 Favorite Stores
-Farm & Fleet
-Best Buy
-Victoria's Secret
-Barnes & Nobles book store

8 Favorite Restaurants (Not counting "fast food")
-Pizza Hut
-Boci's (local Italian up in Plainfield IL, the restaurant is an old church, kinda neat.)
-Cracker Barrel
-Syl's in Rockdale IL
-Dragon Light (Chinese up in Joliet IL)
-Buffalo Wild Wings (good shrimp, and the trivia game is addicting.)
-Ray's Ranch House in Essex, IL
-House of Hughes in New Lenox, IL

8 Things I look forward to
-Sleeping in
-Reading the next book
-Listening to the next song
-Seeing somebody I really like
-Having the house to myself for a day
-Cuddling with my pug
-My coworkers and I having our Christmas "night out" soon.

8 Things I like to do with my family.
-Open presents Christmas morning.
-Dinners out, or eating in.
-That's about it, we really don't do much.

8 Things on my Wish List
-A quiet mind.
-Feeling sand between my toes as salt water laps at my knees.
-Hiking the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River, spending the night, hiking back up.
-Hiking in Banff National Park in Canada, and riding the world's tallest lifts there.
-Visiting the Shetland Islands/ UK and seeing sheep there.
-Seeing real mountains (not hills) for the first time ever.
-A perfect flock of perfectly conformed sheep, and sheep judges that would be willing to place sheep such as these.
-I wish my Mom would get better.

I guess everyone has just about been tagged or will be soon, so I'll pass on tagging further.

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stephen rouse said...

oh yah. cheese and crackers and chocolate. My 2 best basic food groups! :-)