Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lil' bling bling and a hard decision....

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.
Friday night, I watched "The Passion of the Christ", as I always do on Easter. I know this particular movie isn't everybodies cup of tea, but it moves me like no other movie does as a vivid reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made out of a love that I cannot even comprehend. And in the end, the Risen Christ.

Easter morning, Cleopatra gave me a lovely little moorit spotted ram lamb. He has the same "mantle" pattern that his dame does, like a horse blanket laid over his back. Slightly raised leathery patches on the poll. Sire is Eragon.

Still waiting on Netty, BabyBee, Meadow, Grace, Queen Anne, and Adriana.
Expecially looking forward to my Adriana lamb, hope it's something real special.
My three mule bottle babies went to a new home yesterday. For the first time, I have the sensation of having a little free time during lambing. If all goes as planned, the buyer will be coming back next weekend and purchasing my three Clun Forest ewes, and their mule lambs at side.
The writing has been on the wall for my home meat flock for a while now. I've wavered back and forth. I've decided to sell them, no, I just have to keep them, I love them so much. Back and forth and back and forth.
I love my Cluns. I love the little mule lambs with their long furry legs. I'm looking at my six acres of pasture, coming in very slowly, and thinking about supporting nine more sheep, nine big meat sheep on that pasture over the summer.
I'm also thinking that I could probably keep 3 or 4 more Shetland ewes for the resources that the Cluns consume.
I love having a little something different out there, but I feel I can only do one breed justice at this time, and my love is the purebred Shetland.
Maybe years from now, I'll be in a position to buy more land, lots and lots of green meadows and a big, big barn. Then I can entertain the thought of picking up one or two more minor breeds.


Sharrie said...

Cleo's lamb is a handsome lad.

Rayna said...

Congrats on the new lamb, but sorry your sellin your meat sheep. I hear ya though, soemtimes ya gotta make cuts somewhere

Terri D. said...

He IS a good looking little boy. It's hard to make those decisions but feels good once we do. Sigh...

Carol B. said...

That is a cute lamb!

I think you are making a wise decision. With limited resources, we have to decide what is most important to us and give that our focus.

Nancy K. said...

What a flashy boy!!

I'm sure you were guided in your decision and made the right one...

Angela Rountree said...

He is a beautiful lamb, congratulations!

I also wish for more land and more sheep. I hope yours comes quickly.

Becky Utecht said...

Oh wow, what a nice looking ram lamb! It's great to get spotted genetics in the polled lines.
I am glad you feel better after coming to a decision for the future of your flock. I am constantly evaluating my choices too.

stephen rouse said... that is what I call FLASH! :-) Congrats! And it appears to be single-coated! WOW

Gail V said...

What a cutie-pie boy you got there.
Decisions to limit the flock to a sustainable size keeps us goin'-- but sorry you will miss some of the critters.