Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some sheep photos

Just some random sheep photos. Above is UnderTheSon Silvio Dante, a two year old emsket katmoget ram with his short scurs.
Shelteringpines Chalmeaux nibbles hay while watching over a very soundly sleeping ram lamb, who is growing little horn nubs. I figured he would.

Shelteringpines Arabesque's twin kats are growing rapidly and looking mighty sharp.

Two of the ewes I'm waiting on. Lil'Country Meadow is on the left (Pompey X Sandcastle, who was a Malcolm daughter). One the right is my favorite ewe, North Wind Netty.

One of my retained yearling ewe lambs, Lil'Country Mudpie (Silvio Dante X Lil'Country Carmela, an Ock daughter).

A few of my moorit gullies. I might retain the fellow on the left as a potential flock sire here. He is Windy Acres Hickory X Carmela. Since most of my current flock sires are mostly katmoget, and katmoget is a dominant pattern, I need some more self colors, and I've also been wanting a moorit gulmoget ram as a flock sire.
A Niobe ewe lamb is on the right.

My handsome little black mule ram lamb.

Lil'Country Cleopatra (Bluff Country Kokomo X Justalit'l Lacey) and her little "Mr. Pink Nose" ram lamb by Sommerang Eragon.

Yearling Ag gulmoget Lil'Country Greyson (Shelteringpines Justinian AI X Valient Valora.)


Cynthia said...

That little black mule ram is stunning Juliann. Are you going to be holding onto him? Looks like you've had a lovely year.

Laura said...

I like your spotted lamb. Spots look even more striking on a baby lamb than an adult.

Rayna said...

Cleopatras ram lamb is stunning! Arabesques lams are looking mighty nice... :D And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those moorit gullies...can't wait til I get some!

Terri D. said...

Do you have them trained to pose for the camera?? Your photos are fabulous! You have a great looking bunch so far!

Juliann said...

Thanks you guys. :)

Cynthia, all my Clun Forest ewes and mules left for a new home about an hour ago. They will have lots of pasture and people who will love and cherish them, so it's all good.
I'm now "100% Shetland" out there.

Karen B. said...

Juliann, I think Cleopatra's ram lamb is stunning. You've got some really beautiful sheep, I'm especially fond of the moorit gulmogets, congrats!