Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Body lengths, humps and dips.

Okay, I really learned some new things from my last posts, THANK YOU to everyone who participated. Now I'm seeing important things I didn't really think to prioritize or even look for when evaluating breeding stock. Sometimes, you just can't put your finger on something.... I've decided I'm going to cull Pullo. I know I can do better.

So above is Pullo, with his long back and dips. Now I can really see it compared to the rest of my rams. I've decided I do prefer a shorter, more cobby build to my Shetlands.

Lil'Country Greyson is pictured above.

I'd like to have Damascus evaluated next, but I need to get a lot more photos of him first. Already I can see he is shorter bodied than Pullo.

Stout little Bearclaw, rockin' the Ag.

Pompey Magnus is pictured above.




Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

From the photos presented, I'd say Magnus rocks the house! Stunning! Eragon looks good, too. From the one photo, I'd say Damascus is TOO short in the back, but I'll wait for more photos. Hmmm, Braveheart doesn't have too much fleece growth yet; maybe I should do this with him. It certainly is creating a nice discussion!

Snort! my word verification is "restorim." Do you think Pollo is channeling through Blogger, trying to save his own life?

Laura said...

Bearclaw is good looking. He held his color!

Theresa said...

This is Tori again- Julieann, I like these discussions- but I probably say way too much! I think Pompey Magnus is one of the best Shetland bodies I've ever seen! Great width, depth,length, everything! A little more muscling in rump would be asking a little much, right? Can't really tell, but Bearclaw also looks great. So does Eragon- just a sloping rump. Huge chest, though. But you asked for Damascus' evaluation. I'd say the same as Michelle so far- too short backed- but will also wait for photos.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I thought Bearclaw was polled? Did you glue those horns on? LOL

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I agree that Pompey has the edge here (in my opinion). There's not much to throw rocks at with these guys though. I personally like Eragon's wide front end. He has a ever so small slope, but come on. Trim is back hooves and he's good to go (LOL). Pompey would take the blue if I was the judge, however. I don't know who would place second and third.


Juliann said...

Stephen said that if Pompey Magnus has been horned, that ram would have been his star. And we know that Stephen is picky. I'm honored to have him here.
Okay, so let's talk rumps. Do we want bullet butts? More round instead of flat and sloping? Is this a conformation issue, or a feed issue?
I think my rams are in good condition, "ribs felt but not seen", protruding backbone (desirable on a shetland), not too fat.

Juliann said...

Rich, Bearclaw grew some long scurs over the winter. Possibly aberrants.
He's a pretty little ram and it's hard finding a poll carrying spot carrier. I've got four ewes lined up for him this fall, then I'll probably be moving him on to a new home if anyone's interested. I don't know if he'll require scur trimming or not.

stephen rouse said...

pompey is pure beef cake. I may be prejudiced. lol