Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few yearlings & lambs...

Just a few more photos of the sheep that I took on shearing day.

This is Shelteringpines Pixie Stix. She is one of the non-poll carrying (hornless) ewes I bought from Stephen last year, in an effort to improve conformation in my flock. This spot carrier will be put under Bearclaw this fall. I hope to have a spotted, poll carrying lamb to keep out of this pairing. I have a 50/50 shot.

This is Lil'Country Josie, my only mioget. This is the ewe lamb I had on the truck last year to ship to market, but pulled her off the last minute.
She had smirslet markings at birth that are still visible, so should carry spots. Josie is out of my ewe Josephine, who I culled last year. Josie has the worst tail ever (just like Josephine), but her full twin had a fantastic little tail. I'm not sure who Josie will be bred to this fall, but I'm hoping her lamb will have a nicer tail than she has, plus all of Josie's good qualities.

Josie and Mudpie having a minor skirmish. I did not breed my ewe lambs from last year, wanting to give them some grow time. I noticed just two days ago that Mudpie has a little bag forming. So this is the evil temptress that coaxed Damascus over the fence last January. I hope she is pleased with herself, and I hope that the lamb will be a moorit.

Justalit'l Grace's ewe lamb has nothing really remarkable about her. I am retaining this lamb, as Grace will be going to a new home this summer. Grace is my last Bramble Dixen daughter, so has some sentimental value to me. I might name this lamb Dixie Cup.

Both Valora and Queen Anne had black ewe lambs that are better in quality than Grace's lamb. Above is Valora's girl. She's a big, strong girl who is very elegant and expressive.

My best friend Denise brought her sheep down to be sheared, and I haven't brought them back to her yet. Denise has a purebred Cheviot, and a Shetland-Cheviot that were exposed to my BFL ram last fall. Above is the Cheviot mule. What a nice cross, so big and thick! Isn't she just gorgeous?

I caught all the lambs up yesterday for their first deworming. I will also treat the water for the next 7 days with Coxi-stop. I checked everyone's bites, and testes on the rams. So far so good.

Meadow's ram lamb and Easter Day's ram lambs are both smooth polled. "Mr. Pink Nose" (Cleopatra's lamb), Chalmeaux's and Carmella's lambs have small scurs. Adriana's & Netty's lambs will be horned.


Laura said...

The Cheviot mule looks a lot like the ram lamb out of my Shetland mule (a yearling) and my NC Cheviot.

Hopefully Damascus'es "wife" has a nice moorit ewe lamb for you! Your lambs look very nice.

Franna said...

Funny photo of Josie and Mudpie. We call that "Devil ears".

- Franna

Karen B. said...

I would love to have a ewe as nice looking as S.P. Pixie Stix. Wow.