Friday, June 26, 2009

Cheviot & cross for sale, selling for a friend.

Some of you have met my friend Denise.
Denise bought a cheviot bottle baby ewe lamb three years ago as a pet. She was not bred as a lamb, but was exposed to one of my polled Shetlands her yearling year, and produced a Shetland-Cheviot (pictured below). I have been helping her with vaccinations & deworming since she's had them.

Both were bred to my BFL last fall and produced lambs.
The Cheviot is very tame and friendly, the Shetland-Cheviot is shy. The Cheviot is long docked, the cross has not been docked.

Denise would like to sell these sheep so she can concentrate on her goats. She is concerned that the Cheviot find a good home, she is dear to her.

First four photos are of the Shetland Cheviot ewe.

$200 takes both, but she will sell them separately for $100 each.

Below is the Cheviot, with her cheviot mule ewe lamb.

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