Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A few lamb photos...

This guy is on my list to be retained as a possible future flock sire here at Little Country. His dame, Carmela, is one of my best conformed ewes, unfortunately, she is also one of my coarsest (Micron: 28.4 SD: 8.1 CV 28.6 CF 65.7% at 2 years old) I'm hoping that Hickory's influence will soften that up.

I haven't named him yet, probably won't until I decide to paper him. He's heterozygous for gullie, he's brown based, nice and robust, and is four square. Bite is good, testes dropped, tail looks pretty good, scurs look like they are going to stay small.

I won't use him this fall, but will hold off until I can do a yearling micron test on him, probably late summer of 2010.

Here is little "Mr. Pink Nose" (Eragon X Cleopatra). He is also coming along very well and I think he's going to make a nice flock sire.

This black ewe lamb is by Windy Acres Hickory, out of Valiant Valora.

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