Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Valora's ewe lamb- For sale

I'm not selling a lot of my ewe lambs this year. I am offering Valora's ewe lamb. She's a quality lamb who captured my attention right away when she was born. This is a breeding that I can repeat, as I'm keeping both sire and dame for the time being.
With the exception of the top photo, these photos were all taken two days ago in 90+ heat. She still looks good even though she's a wilted little flower.

This lamb is sired by Windy Acres Hickory, who is Winter Sky Jamison (F1 Jamie) X Shelteringpines Leila. Both poll carrier sheep.
Hickory's yearling fleece at mid-side microned at AFD: 24.2 SD 5.1 CV 21.2%.
His TWO YEAR OLD fleece tested at 23.9 SD 5.3 CV 22.1%.

The dame is Valiant Valora, a solidly built grey ewe that Carol Bator imported from Arizona to bring new polled bloodlines into the Midwest. Valora was sired by Valiant Telford, dame is Valiant Mavis. Her four year old fleece tested at 30.4 SD 7.3 CV 23.9%
You all know if I'm keeping a "fader", I really like this ewe. :)

If Hickory is a half poll, the lamb has a 50% chance of carrying polled, 25% of being a full poll.

If Hickory is a full poll, she has a 50% of being a half poll, 50% of being a full poll.
This lamb carries brown recessively. If bred to a brown based ram, she has a 50% of producing a brown lamb.

I think she'll make someone a nice brood ewe. I can only fault her for a very slight toeing out in the back. She has an attractive head, and the promise of a deep heartgirth, and very growthy. Mature fleece is very difficult to predict, but she is very consistant with very little britch. Nice tail.
Why am I selling her? I'm keeping an eye on how much dominant black I keep in my flock. That's it.
I may or may not have a few more girls for sale in the coming weeks. I'm still trying to decide how many lambs I want to hold over the winter.
I do have a few rams I'm keeping my eye on for potential flocks sires, but I'd like a little more grow time on them yet before advertising them.
Valora's lamb is priced at $225. Price includes registration, transfer, and the buyer can pick out a name for her. Can deliver to Michigan Fiber Fest in August, or Wisconsin Sheep & Wool is September, health papers & pen fee at buyer's expense.


Karen Valley said...

We will buy her. Won't need a pen as we will have a truck and crates at Stephen's. Just let us know about a health certificate.

Juliann said...

Thank you, Karen!
I'm not sure I'm going to have much in the way of ewe lambs for sale this year.
I'll bring her to MFF for you.
I'm keeping Niobe's two gullies, Grace's black, Chalmeaux' spotted kat.
I can part with Nettys' fawn kat ewe if someone wants to pay for DNA testing, I just don't feel like doing it on her as of yet. Lord knows I need another kat ewe.
I might part with Mudpie's kat ewe lamb by Damascus, but he did micron pretty high.

Juliann said...

Oh, I think I'm going to keep Meadow's lamb as well. She is straighter in the back than Meadow is, I really need that in my flock. :(

Kathy said...

Do you have any horned stock left, Juliann?

Juliann said...

Hi Kathy,

With the exception of a aberrant horned ram that I will use and sell this fall, I don't have any horned rams here.
I do have a few ewes who carry horned genetics, I am using them for fleece/ conformation improvement, and will retain the lambs, then move them on to new homes.

Carol B. said...

What a pretty ewe lamb. Congratulations on selling her. How exciting to know that Hickory's fleece is staying so fine. I hope he does pass that on to all of his lambs.

Kathy said...

Please keep me in mind when you do get ready for the ewes to move on, Juliann. :)

Have a wonder-filled weekend!