Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ewe lambs I am retaining.

Lil'Country Fun Luv and Lil'Country Tango. Twin ewes by Windy Acres Hickory, out of Shelteringpines Niobe. Both moorit gulmogets, both very nice and they look exactly the same. Only of of them is pictured here. Giselle, their 2008 half sister by Pompey X Niobe, is in the background.
Carmela, a moorit gulmoget Octavian daughter, will be available for sale next year, I've got enough replacement stock out of her.

Lil'Country Moss Rose. Sommerang Eragon X Lil'Country Meadow.

Lil'Country Shamu. Sommerang Eragon X Shelteringpines Chalmeaux.

Bold and beautiful, just like her dame, Lil'Country Dixie Cup. Eragon X Justalit'l Grace. She tries to stare me down every time I stroll the pasture. Love it!

My sale boy, Lil'Country Everett. Smooth polled. Hickory X Zephyr Easter Day. Look for him at the Jefferson show. He's available for $250.


Rayna said...

LOOOOVE Chalmeaux's lamb! WOO! :) And that gullie at the top is GORGEOUS too! You've got good taste, lady! :) ;-)

Theresa said...

Shamu is a beauty!