Sunday, November 08, 2009

Breeding groups and sheep weights.

Yesterday, we sorted the sheep into their breeding groups. We set up our new scale in the corner and led each sheep onto it before releasing them into the grouping area and herding them into their respective paddocks. The ewe lambs were given one last deworming and moved off into a paddock by themselves.

Eragon, pictured above, quickly zoned in and covered Arabesque. I hope for a loud Aa spottie from this pairing, I don't care if it's black or brown.

Pompey's group. Pompey briskly covered Valora. A nice grey ewe lamb out of this pairing would be nice.

Bearclaw tag-teamed both Chamois and Bar, and this morning he was busy with Meadow.

Here is a portion of our bachelor group, waiting on ice for next year. The proven rams were not pleased at having to sit out this year. The ram lambs, who seem to not know what they are missing, are taking the news a little better.

Here is Nightcap, my yearling Pompey son. Nightcap will have a turn to breed in the future, but I don't know when. Next year, I plan on using Tony, Sheamus, and Silvio. I'd love to use Hickory again as well.

Here are the weights of my sheep. The only sheep I didn't weigh were Bearclaw, Grace, and Easter Day, since they were already turned out and I didn't bring them into the barn. Weights are in pounds.

Mature rams: Pompey 114, Eragon 106, Silvio 93, Hickory 93, Sheamus 83, Nightcap 67.

Ram lambs: Carmela's gullie ram 60, Everett 47, Tony 36.

Mature ewes: BabyBee 88, Peeps 86, Netty 80, Pineapple Queen 79, Carmela 76, Valora 76, Meadow 70, Arabesque 69, Josie 63, Chamois 62, Cleopatra 62, Giselle 58, Bar 57, Galena 51.

Ewe lambs: Pet quality black 55, Dixie Cup 52, Fun Luv 49, Shamu 47, Moss Rose 40, Surprise (June lamb) 37, Netty's kat lamb 36


Michelle said...

Three beautiful breeding groups, and more great rams waiting in the wings - how very blessed with abundance you are! Please keep me in mind for a poll-carrying ewe (a kat would be lovely) and a full-poll or minimal growth half-poll (moorit with spots would be dandy) next year, should you decide to part with any.

Juliann said...

Thank you, Michelle, I'm seriously thinking of putting Eragon up for sale, I'll have enough by him. Think about it and let me know. Sounds like he has what you're looking for...Carries moorit, spots, and heterozygous for kat.

Terri D. said...

It's interesting to see what the weights are on these little sheep. Congrats on starting your breeding season!

Juliann said...

Thanks Terri,
I was way off on trying to guess weight by eyeballing or tipping. I would have guessed a lot of them to be heavier.
I recall some of the older breeders saying it was a struggle getting ewe lambs up to 55 to be bred as lambs, so I'm pretty content with the weights. Everyone is in good flesh with good eye color.
At least I know I'm not in danger of breeding them oversized.