Sunday, November 01, 2009

Okay...revised breeding groups.

Pompey Magnus has a strong possibility of going to a new home next year, so I've re-vamped my groups so I can use him this year and keep some lambs by him. I can't let him go only having two ewes by him. So this year Pompey (fawn kat) will get:

Babybee (moorit)
Josie (mioget smirslet)
Valora (Ag grey)
Galena (musket)
Pineapple Queen (black gulmoget)

I might sell Eragon next year, might not. He'll get:

Cleopatra (moorit flecket)
Arabesque (moorit flecket)
Netty (moorit)
Peeps (musket)

Bearclaw, my Ag/Aa spottie, will get:

Giselle (moorit gulmoget)
Carmela (moorit gulmoget)
Bar (black smirslet)
Meadow (fawn katmoget)
Chamois (fawn smirslet katmoget)

I normally don't like katmoget/ Ag breedings, I don't like fader kats. I like bold kats. Plus, I'm always afraid I'm not going to be able to tell an Ag kat from an Aa kat and mis-register it.
Next year I'll use Sheamus, Silvio (and then maybe sell him), and Tony.
Hickory and Nightcap, both non-patterned, brown based suspect full polls, can stay and get cycled in with some keeper ram lambs in the future.

Any thoughts about my planned groups?

I can't believe I'm only breeding 14 ewes. I need more ewes! Why don't I have more brood ewes?


Kara said...

Cotton Candy is the same color as her uncle and she has given me two brown based dark non fading kats when put with a kat.

Michelle said...

Pompey is leaving?!? Who's the lucky breeder that's getting him? I sure hope I can find just the right ram for Boulderneigh by next fall's breeding season! Maybe one of your girls will have him next spring!

Carol B. said...

When lambing time comes, I think you will be happy with the reduced number of bred ewes. You will still get a reasonable number of lambs from each ram that you used. And you will not need to cull a large number of ewes to keep some of next year's lambs. I hope you get some very special lambs in 2010.

Laura said...

I'm only pure breeding 16 this year.
I think that your breeding groups are a good idea so that you can sell a ram or two!

Franna said...

I think you're doing fine in numbers. I went out on a limb last year and bred most of the ewes. Well, lambs didn't sell well this year, so I might not (purposefully) breed any of the Shetlands this year. ...the rams, however, have had other ideas. We had 3 breakouts this fall when the electric fence shorted out - gah!