Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ewe profile- Lil'Country Josie

This is Josie, my only mioget ewe. She carries spots as well! She is a "butter tail".
She's a beautiful girl as she approaches, but if she turns around...then I can't help but say "Oh, but her tail!" It's awful, it truly is.
Josie's dame, Lil'Country Josephine, came to me by the way of purchasing her dame, North Wind Netty, who was heavy with lamb by North Wind James. James is an F1 out of my favorite UK import ram ever, Jamie. I had owned James' dame, Kirkshire CeCe, and knew she was a good quality ewe.
Netty was a rare find, a Shakespeare daughter. At the time, only 3 known polled rams existed in the midwest, Malcolm, Shakespeare, and Dixen. Shakespeare was permanently out of the gene pool. Stephen Rouse was kind enough to find Netty for me when I had put the word out I wanted to collect good quality daughters out of these three polled Shetland rams. A flurry of phone calls, and Stephen transported Netty to his farm to await my pick up.
Josephine was born a non-descript ewe, unfortunately very cow hocked and had a lousy tail, but her fleece! Fine and silky, mature micron at 22.2 with an SD of 6.3, nice 4" staple, crimped and soft soft soft!
Paired with UTS Silvio Dante, Josephine produced gold mioget twins, both with smirslet markings. The ram lamb was perfect, and although I was eager to watch him grow I did eventually cull him. Poor Josie was born with a long tail that reminded me of a dog. I wrote her off as a cull at birth and planned on shipping her to auction.
Later on that year, Josie was on the truck ready to go to auction, and something made me take another hard look at her. It looked like she was growing into her tail a bit. I decided, what the heck, to give her more grow time and released her back into the flock.
Josie didn't grow into her tail. It's still cringe-worthy, but I decided to play around with her and see if she can't produce a keeper lamb.
Josie's late yearling micron test came back higher than I expected, at 30. I'm not "okay" with that, but her SD at 4.6 and CV of 15.2 have made it a soft 30. So she stays, exposed to Pompey, to see if she'll produce something really exciting next spring. I'm hoping for a fawn ewe lamb or fawn polled ram lamb, but with a nice Pompey tail. C'mon, Josie, you can do it!


Terri D. said...

I would be happy to give Josie a new home if you decide to sell her at some point. I think she's beautiful!

Juliann said...

Hi Terri,

Hey great! Yes, she is a very pretty girl. I know it's a breed characteristic, but I really hate culling on tails alone, expecially ewes. Seems such a waste on an otherwise nice sheep.
I do plan on probably letting her go this summer once I get a lamb out of her, so let's definetely stay in touch!