Saturday, December 19, 2009

For sale: Under The Son Silvio Dante

I've decided to put Sil up for sale. I know this isn't the best time to advertise a ram, but in retrospect, I've got plenty of rams and my breedings planned for next year already.

I used two katmoget rams this year, and plan on keeping most of my ewe lambs next spring. I'm sure I'll have plenty more kats (maybe too many) in next years lamb crop. :)

This guy is true modified, btw, and proven. He does not carry Ag. Half polled through dame with bone knobs. Friendly puppy dog personality, nice tail. I have been nothing but happy with this ram.
Ab/Aa (proven through breeding). BB/Bb (again proven through breeding).
NASSA Registered S25468
Yearling side micron 24.8 SD 4.4 CV 17.6%
Two year old side micron 26.8 SD 5.1 CV 19.0%
Fleece is soft and crimpy, about 2.5- 3" long.
UnderTheSon Taggerty X UnderTheSon Peaches n' Cream

Click here for a little more info and a few more photos...

$350, or will offer a reasonable discount if someone can take him reasonably sooner rather than later.

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