Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finished my scarf!

I finally finished my scarf. I wish I could remember which particular sheep of mine it came from, but I had a ton of roving made up at Wooly Knob several years ago, and had a ton or moorit done. I've never been one to wear a lot of bright colors, I'm happy with the warm, neutral colors of undyed Shetland.
I wore this out last night for a fun night out with friends, and was able to forget I was wearing it. No scratch, no itch, no prickle. It feels springy and bouncy, and kept me warm. I love it!
In a nutshell, this is what I want for all my sheep fleeces. If you've ever worn scratchy wool, you'll know it isn't a pleasant experience. I want to be able to wear it against the skin without having to scratch at my neck all night. How close I am to that goal I just don't know.
I also like spinning fleeces from other sheep breeds to learn about the characteristics of those sheep and see how they differ from Shetland. I have spun Icelandic, angora goat, and Tunis. I have some Jacob roving I'm thinking of playing around with next, but it has some kemp in it, and I'm worried it's going to fly everywhere and make a big mess.
So far I like Shetland the best. There is just nothing else like it.
Not much new on the sheep front. Other than a few rams killing each other (eyeroll) all has been peaceful. That is the one downside of leaving ewe lambs open. That smell stays in the air all winter and the poor rams get no peace.
Dixie Cup, one of my Grace daughters, was causing trouble the other day. I noticed the rams fighting and mounting each other, and little Dixie had squeezed into a small paddock adjacent to the ram pen and was purring and brushing up against the fence. I shooed her back where she belonged, away from the rams.
I sure hope all my ewes settled. I didn't use a back up ram this year and I'm wondering if I should have. Guess I'll find out in a few months. :)


Rayna said...

Congrats, I really need to make myself a scarf out of my sheep...It's a lovely scarf!

Theresa said...

Nice job Juliann! Isn't is such a great feeling to be wearing your own sheep's wool?

Amy said...
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Cynthia said...

Isn't it fun, this sheep-turned-wool passion? Lovely scarf and perfect sentiment regarding our little mobsters.

Nancy K. said...

and knitting!

Your very own scarf hand knit from your very own sheep's wool.


I'm proud of you....

Laura said...

Lovely scarf! It is a good color for you too.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Nice job! I love the color, and the length is perfect. I always get impatient and make my scarves too short.

Juliann said...

Thanks everyone! It took a long time and I'm sure there are some mistakes on close observation, but it's pretty passable and special cuz I made it.
Next up, I'd love to tackle a shawl!

Franna said...

Beautiful scarf! Congrats on a real FO!

Christine said...

Love the scarf! So, were you happy with what you had done at Wooly Knob?

Juliann said...

My only complaint was it took over six months to get my roving back. There was a lot of vm in the roving, which wasn't their fault. I did find a lot of it did come out with spinning, and I picked at any remainder while knitting.