Sunday, January 03, 2010

Snow sheep

Usually I get a case of the "why am I doing this again?" sometime during the winter. The barn door freezes shut, drifts have to be shoveled, water has to be hauled, gates freeze shut, sheep climb snow banks and go visiting where they shouldn't, poop piles up and freezes and I can't shovel it.
The cold weather blues haven't hit me just yet, I'm loving the snow and have a real sense of peace right now. I am eager for the new year, I appreciate what I have, and I am so very blessed.
This is Lil'Country Nightcap, my Shelteringpines Pompey X Lil'Country Acorn yearling. His pedigree is impressive, Dillon, Greyling, Timothy, and Holly along with some other polled sheep I really like. Walnut Rise Malcolm, Justalitl Lana, Bramble Dixen, Windswept Pansy and NorthWind Holiday. Nightcap went to WinterSky Shetlands for last years breeding, and I liked him enough to buy him back when he was offered up for sale.
The ewe flock waits for dinner.

Q, my husband's pet wether, is so spoiled he thinks he should eat before anyone else. When I lug a hay bale into the paddock, he thinks its funny to leap upon the hay....while I'm still carrying it. Little brat!

Silvio comes up for a chin scratch.

The doublemint twins, Underhill Galena and Underhill Bar, are always together like two peas in a pod.

Dinner is served, and everyone tucks in. Now is a good time to watch for a few minutes, make sure everyone is eating. This is expecially important the last month before lambing, when ketosis tends to rear its ugly head. But I won't have to worry about that for a few more months.

My chooks are still giving me an egg or two a day. I still have a motley assortment of sex links, cornish cross, wyandotte, dunghill crosses, and there is a white silkie in the upper right hand corner. My two silkies were miserable when I tried bringing them into the barn for the winter, so I let them back into the coop and hope they have the sense to protect themselves from the worst of the weather.
Now where will I put those Shetland geese I'm thinking about?


Cynthia said...

Everyone looks so good Juliann. You have a very handsome crew this season, certainly an excellent reason to be "doing it again!"

Happy New Years back at'cha woman.

Becky Utecht said...

Beautiful flock Juliann! I need to start feeding my sheep outdoors on the snow again. It would cut down on the build up inside the pole barn. Now about those Shetland geese... ours share a space with the chickens and they aren't the best of friends, but they manage. One of the geese went inside the barn and the hens attacked her! I got her out of there. The chickens also get chased sometimes when they're outside in the goose territory, but none are ever hurt. I look forward to the time I can let them all free range again. The Shetland geese are excellent grazers.