Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring micron test results

Test date 03-15-2010. Wow, these came back pretty quick from Texas A&M...

Arabesque, 3 year old moorit spotted ewe: M 27.2 SD 8.0 CV 29.4 CF% 71.9

BabyBee, 4 year old moorit ewe: M 28.2 SD 4.9 CV 17.3 CF% 72.1

Bar, 2 year old black: M 27.5 SD 7.9 CV 28.7 CF% 70.7

Brown gul yearling ram: M 27.6 SD 6.6 CV 23.9 CF% 69.0

Carmela, 3 year old moorit gul ewe: M 29.3 SD 7.6 CV 26.0 CF% 64.9

Chamois, 2 year old kat ewe: M 27.6 SD 6.0 CV 21.9 CF% 74.3

Cleopatra, 3 year old spotted moorit ewe: M 25.8 SD 8.2 CV 31.7 CF% 71.9

Dixie Cup, yearling black ewe: M 26.6 SD 6.9 CV 26.0 CF% 73.0

Everett, yearling black gul ram: M 27.1 SD 6.8 CV 24.9 CF% 71.3

FunLuv, yearling brown gul ewe: M 26.8 SD 5.9 CV 22.0 CF% 71.8

Galina, 2 year old musket ewe: M 25.4 SD 7.3 CV 28.9 CF% 78.9

Giselle, 2 year old moorit gul ewe: M 27.5 SD 7.8 CV 28.2 CF% 68.5

Hickory, 3 year old moorit ram: M 26.2 SD 5.8 CV 22.3 CF% 78.3

Josie, 2 year old mioget ewe: M 29.8 SD 5.1 CV 17.2 CF% 57.2

Meadow, 3 year old fawn kat ewe: M 26.7 SD 4.7 CV 17.5 CF% 81.3

Moss Rose, yearling fawn kat ewe: M 23.9 SD 5.2 CF 21.8 CF% 88.5

Netty, 8 year old moorit ewe: M 24.9 SD 6.8 CV 27.5 CF% 78.8

Nightcap, 2 year old moorit ram: M 21.4 SD 5.0 CV 23.4 CF% 94.7

Peep, 7 year old musket ewe: M 28.7 SD 7.5 CV 26.2 CF% 64.5

Pineapple Queen, 2 year old black gul ewe: M 29.3 SD 8.6 CV 29.2 CF% 62.5

Pompey, 4 year old fawn kat ram: M 28.5 SD 5.4 CV 18.8 CF% 63.4

Shamu, yearling fawn kat ewe: M 24.3 SD 6.3 CV 26.1 CF% 82.7

Sheamus, 2 year old moorit ram: M 22.8 SD 5.0 CV 21.9 CF% 94.3

Silvio, 3 year old emsket kat ram: M 28.2 SD 4.3 CV 15.3 CF% 71.7

Surprise, yearling fawn kat ewe: M 24.4 SD 5.1 CV 20.8 CF% 88.8

Tango, yearling moorit gul ewe: M 27.8 SD 6.1 CV 22.1 CF% 70.4

Valora, 5 year old grey ewe: M 29.3 SD 6.9 CV 23.4 CF% 58.9

I compared these results to my fall tests. I noticed that on my more double coated sheep, the micron number itself came down this spring while CV went up. Logical that more softer undercoat would grow in over the winter. On the sheep with a less extreme double coat, some numbers went up, or down a little. Since the fleece is harvested in the spring, I consider the spring sample to be more accurate so I'll probably abstain from fall testing unless I feel a pressing need to test an individual sheep.
Another conclusion. I love love love me Hickory & Nightcap, two rams that I suspect are full polls. I plan on keeping them around here for many years. Sheamus is a half poll. I plan on using him heavily this coming fall, and re-selling him. I'll be asking $350 with a fertility guarantee, he'll be ready to go the end of November.
Another conclusion, it's sure hard to screw up a katmoget. :)

Hey, let me put a "wanted" request out there. I'm looking for an incredible, PROVEN poll carrying white ewe. Prefer a mature girl (2+) with decent breeding conformation. Minor toeing out in the rear is okay, I don't expect Cheviot build on a primitive, but I do want to avoid those screaming cow hocks. Typy Shetland head is a must. Typy fleece is a must, no long scraggly hairy stuff please. Prefer micron tested parent stock. Must be able to bloodtest negative for Johnnes, CL, OPP. Let me know if my dream white is out there.


corinne said...

Yummy boys!
I did micron counts last fall and wish I would have done some this spring before shearing for comparison....I will have to do fall again and then make sure I get next spring's done early.
Good luck on your ewe search!

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Looking good! Those rams are outstanding! I think you are set up to do some good things this year and next with your lamb crops. Geez, it seems like you always do. Keep working your plan!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I like those numbers, Juliann! Awesome.