Friday, April 23, 2010

Misc. goodies and some lambs.

  This post is just going to be a hodge podge of different things, because that's what I feel like doing today. :) To make up for my neglecting my blog, I'm just gonna be all over the place today! 
 I'm very happy. We lambed out 15 ewes this year and I gotta say this was the easiest lambing I've ever had. No lambing problems at all. No stuck lambs, no ketosis, no weak lambs or weak ewes, no stillborns, everything was just a breeze. Maybe it was just a lucky year for us, maybe all that hard culling of "problem children" over the years has helped a little bit, knock on wood.

Underhill Peeps, a 2003 musket, was the last ewe to lamb two nights ago. I got what I had hoped to obtain out of her, a twin non-katmoget ewe lamb, by Eragon. She might grey and that's okay, she's staying! That's her in the above photo.     

Netty threw twin boys with horn buds (sigh...) not what I wanted out of her as I was hoping for another BabyBee. I gotta say, I'm even enjoying my disappointments and I guess that's a good sign. It gives me something to look forward to next year. I think next year I'll put Netty under Sheamus and maybe finally get my dream moorit ewe lamb out of her.  

Fellow Shetland breeder Garrett of Ramsay Farms, Minnesota, spent the night last night and we really had a great time! I caught up all the sheep and we really got our hands into the fleeces and took a good look at the lambs as well. He helped me figure out some of my Ag kats as I'm just not used to them. Then we went over histograms, pedigrees, and fleece samples and really had lots of wonderful sheep talk. It's good to occasionally seek outside, unbiased opinions from a reputable breeder to avoid getting barn blind. I'm blessed with so many wonderful Shetland friends to fellowship with. Thank you Garrett!!

Oh, Josie (Miss Ugly Tail) had a modified fawn kat ewe lamb by Pompey. The tail on this one looks pretty darn good, I guess I'll have to keep the lamb! (I gotta get a photo of her.)  
I'm really going to keep an eye out of my surprise Shamu ram lamb. Darn it, he's nice! I just might have to DNA him but I'll wait to make sure he's breeding quality first. 

A few photos of Arabesque's ewe lamb when I first let her out of the jug. I love watching the little ones exploring their world for the first time, the novelty just never wears off for me. The tentative, experimental first leaps, then the bursts of short runs around the dame, then the ever-widening circles until the lamb is tearing off on her own, leaping and twisting in the air..... 

Here is one of my Hickory X Niobe yearling ewes with her "deep dish" head. 

I haven't shared any dog pics in a while, I took these while we were out relaxing by the pond on a beautiful day. Here is Uncle Fester, our 11 year old Frenchie Frenchman.    
Banjo the mutt will be 12 this summer, still going strong.

My DH's baby, Angus the Bouvier.

My hunny and I hit the Kankakee river a few days ago on our 'yaks and were fortunate to see a Bald Eagle. 

And a white pelican, and I had no idea we had pelicans in Illinois.

And a heron guarding her nest. 
I've got a really great zoom on my digital, we were pretty far away from these birds. We were very careful not to disturb them. 

Aaaand since this is a sheep blog, I'll end with a sheep photo. Here is "Q", the world's most annoying wether. Q is like "happiness". Q is like a butterfly. If I chase him he runs away, but I sit quietly and he just loves to land on my shoulder, sometimes literally.
So I just chase him (kidding!).   


Michelle said...

Did something happen to the Jellybean?

Juliann said...

Oh no, she's fine! I just didn't have her out with us when I took the photos.
Thanks for asking about her, though! I'll have to post an update on my baby girl.

Franna said...

whew! I had the same question.

kristi said...

I think having that extra pair of eyes is so helpful esp. when you can trust that person. I get gun-shy when looking for honest opinion on my sheep. It was nice to see other pics on your blog esp the dogs....really should post more of those;)

Becky Utecht said...

I loved all the photos! It's nice to see the dogs and the wildlife shots along with the lambs. You've got some great looking lambs. And what a fun time having Garrett over to talk sheep and fleece!

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Those are amazing pictures! I had no idea either about the pelicans.


Juliann said...

Thanks everyone!