Friday, May 07, 2010

2010 Sales List

2010 Sales List ( Little Country Acres Shetland sheep)

Shelteringpines Arabesque (S26002) 2007 moorit spotted. Bramble Nick X Shelteringpines Nimet. Darius granddaughter, Double F3 Greyling/ Jamie. Does not carry polled. Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss Spring 2010 midside test 27.2 SD 8.0 CV 29.4 Available in July after weaning. $250

Lil'Country Carmela (S24734) 2007 moorit gulmoget. Shelteringpines Octavian X Lil'Country Dandelion.
At/Aa Bb/Bb SS/SS Spring 2010 midside test 29.3 SD 7.6 CV 23.9 Not fine fleeced, but has great conformation. Carries polled. Available July after weaning. $200

Lil'Country Giselle (S27808) 2008 moorit gulmoget. Shelteringpines Pompey Magnus X Shelteringpines Niobe. At/Aa Bb/Bb SS/SS Spring 2010 midside test 27.5 SD 7.8 CV 28.2. Not fine fleeced, but has great conformation. Carries polled. $200
Or will sell with her 2010 musket ewe lamb, sired by Twin Springs Bearclaw, for $350 for both. Can go now if they go together. Lamb can go seperately for $250

Underhill Galena (S29916) 2008 musket ewe, proven breeder. North Wind Holiday X Shepherd's Gladys. F2 Holly. 2010 mid-side test 25.4 SD 7.3 CV 28.9 Spin Fineness 26.6. Has about 3" harsher outer coat, but has quite a bit of useable undercoat. Gorgeous head and small but sturdy build. Available in July after weaning. Unk. if she carries polled or not. $250

Lil'Country Josie . (S27810) 2008 mioget. Very nicely built ewe, has an awful tail. Proven breeder, will make great mules. Spring 2010 midside test 29.8 SD 5.1 CV 17.2 Spin Fineness 28.1 Available in July after weaning. $125 without papers.

Underhill Peep (S15994) 2003 musket ewe. Winter Sky Jamison X Underhill Lucille. Double F2 Greyling/ Jamie. VERY nice ewe, I don't know if she carries polled or not. Spring 2010 midside test
28.7 SD 7.5 CV 26.2 Spin Fineness 29.3 Available in July after weaning her lambs, has a lot of great breeding years ahead of her. $125

Surprise. Late summer 2009 katmoget ewe. This was an accidental breeding from when Damascus climbed a snowbank jumped over the fence in Janurary. She is very small and I don't think she'll make breeding weight in maturity. Will sell without papers. Not tame, but has a curious personality and will eat out of my hand so won't take much to make a pet out of her. Spring 2010 midside test 24.4 SD 5.1 CV 20.8 Spin Fineness 23.7 $75 without papers

Katmoget smirslet ewe lamb. Twin Springs Bearclaw X Lil'Country Chamois. $250

Lil'Country Meadow (S24739) 2007 homozygous fawn katmoget ewe. Has been twinning, has always thrown smooth polled ram lambs. Hate to part with her but I've got too many kats and I have her ewe lamb from last year. Meadow is slightly cowhocked this has caused her hind feet to grow long. 2010 midside micron test 26.7 SD 4.7 CV 17.5 Spin Fineness 25.3. Available after weaning her lambs. $200

Twin musket katmoget ewe lamb (Twin Springs Bearclaw X Lil'Country Meadow) SALE PENDING.
    Twin fawn kats Pompey Magnus X Lil'Country BabyBee. Pick of the litter of the ewe lamb crop this year, $300 each.

Lambs will be sold if they maintain even bites by weaning. 10% discount if 3 or more sheep are purchased. See our website for more sale details or just e-mail me at...


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