Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shamu's lamb, Jelly update, and yummies.

The Jelly Belly is alive and well, thanks everyone for asking. I haven't updated her progress in a long while, I know. For those new to my blog, Jellybean is a suspected puppy mill throwaway from a mill in southern IL, which has a habit of dumping their used up breeders along the side of the road in remote areas. Sigh. At least they aren't shooting them. Jelly came to us through Genesis Pet Rescue in Rantoul, IL.
 Winning her trust has been a challenge that has left me in tears more than once as I accept that she will never be what I am used to seeing in a "normal", properly socialized dog. I can only imagine how she obtained the scars on her little body. She is still overly wary of strangers, but she has come a long way. The stereotypic behavior has stopped, and she no longer runs and hides, shaking spastically, when company comes over. She'll even come up and sit on my lap, although she'll stay in a state of high alert. I no longer worry too much about her bolting unless children are around. She remains is terrified of kids.

Here's a photo of some of the ewe flock on a rotational grazing pasture. Shearer is due in the next few weeks, thank goodness. Debating going back to March shearing.

 This is Shamu's ram lamb. This was a suprise lambing as Shamu was kept in the unbred ewe lamb group, but somebody obviously got her through the fence. I wrote him off at birth as a wether, figuring I don't feel like paying for DNA testing this year, but darn it, look at him! And he's got some white on the top of his head so might carry spots.
   I may have to bite the bullet if I still like him as much this fall, lol. As I reflect on the timing of his birth and the physical location of the open ewe lamb flock, they had Pompey on one side, Bearclaw on the other. Gotta be one of the two sires. I can send in Pompey's sample to UC Davis and see how the chips fall. If he ain't Pompey's, he's Bearclaw's.

I had a good time grossing out all my friends on Facebook with a photo of my dinner last night, teasing them into guessing which sheep body part this was. Those minds were in the gutter for sure but I had tears of laughter in my eyes reading the posts.

 They are just tongues! And they tasted heavenly!  YUM!!


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I'll bet you $50 that it's Pompey's lamb and I won't even sweat it.


Michelle said...

Someone told me there is a much cheaper and equally valid DNA test available to determine parentage. I think I saved the info somewhere and will look; it was like $5!

Becky Utecht said...

Oh, those tongues look gross Juliann! I've had beef tongue and it wasn't too bad. Nice looking moorit ram lamb. :-)

Juliann said...

Rich I think so, too. He sure looks like a Pompey baby, sure wouldn't mind retaining just one more of those...
Michelle please let me know what you find out, I sure wouldn't mind having a less expensive test done.
Becky they are a sight, arn't they? I'm still laughing. They were so tasty I wish sheep had more than one tongue. :)

Nancy K. said...

You are so BAD, Juliann!

I'm glad to hear that your little Jelly Bella is adjusting to her new life. Poor little thing. It's probably a good thing that we'll never know what she's been through. Bless you for giving her a loving home.

Yeah ~ I'd hang on to that moorit ram lamb!